Body say  MOVIE Demi Lovato

Former child stars who became adult porn stars

Child artists have always impressed people with their talent and performances. When a child star is born audiences speculate that ...

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Rowan Atkinson

Hollywood’s greatest comedians who have earned love and fame

Hollywood is a place which has given the world of cinema some of the finest actors. Even in the case ...

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Pandit Ravi Shankar

Great musicians who created melodies to last forever

One of the most important assets of a musician are his instruments. Some great musicians have actually mastered their instruments ...

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Leonardo  DiCaprio

Is that Weird or What! Celebs with offbeat hobbies

Everyone has a hobby or two, something to unwind and take the edge off a long day at work. But ...

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Renowned entertainers who died on stage

Some entertainers get all the name and fame for their superb performances. There are some renowned entertainers who have succumbed ...

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Clarke Gable

Celebrities who have been convicted for heinous crimes like rape

When a person achieves celebrity status, along with the fame comes moral responsibility. But there are some who have brought ...

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Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith

These celeb couples have a surprising height difference

They say, ‘Love is Blind’ and you might agree, seeing so many couples who look like odd pairs. Well, the ...

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Automobile tragedies that claimed celebrity lives at the height of their careers

There is something especially shocking when a celebrity is taken away due to an accident. One can’t help wondering, what ...

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Prince William and Kate Middleton

These celeb couples choose to live below their means

Millions of people in the world wish to live an extravagant life, they want to be famous and spend the ...

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Steven Spielberg

These celebs lacked entrepreneurial skills for sure

Not everybody is born with the skills of an entrepreneur and that includes several famous people as well. These celebs ...

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Anne Hathaway

Celebs who said goodbye to underwear

Many celebs keep trying doing things that can give media its fresh headlines. While positive publicity is a great plus, ...

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Paris Hilton

Celebs who went the extra mile to do ‘normal’ things

While normal people may be attracted to the glamorous lives of celebrities, even the celebs want to become normal people ...

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