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Saudi Arabia Continues To Contribute Love

Saudi clerical fanatics, kooks, crazies and buffoons.

Since September 11th, Saudi Arabia has been under American pressure, mostly of the Congressional sort, to amend its notorious textbooks. The Saudi education system is controlled by the fanatical.

Saudi Arabia and Black Magic

Wahhabi fanatics being schooled in oppression.

One of the most horrific attributes of the Kingdom of Horrors and Wahhabi Fanaticism in the Arabian Peninsula is the religious police in Saudi Arabia. Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and…

Saudi Arabia To Hijack Libyan Revolution?

Saudi Arabia, as I wrote previously, is the most regressive force in the Arab world. This is a Kingdom that not only subjects its people to horrific Medieval oppression and whose salaried clerics have erected the most misogynistic order on earth (and the.

Saudi Arabia Invades Bahrain To Crush Peaceful Revolution

At the behest of the corrupt authoritarian ruling regime in Bahrain, Saudi Arabian forces have moved into occupy the nation and aid in the suppression of a peaceful democratic uprising calling for a constitutional monarchy (although more radical…

Will Saudi Arabia Allow Women the Vote Or Even Drive?

The fall of the House of Saud is much to be wished, but very unlikely since the nation is ruled by a ruthless royal family and subservient clerical establishment which can always be counted on to issue edicts opposing dissent and supporting the corrupt.

The Whipping Police In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is currently in the midst of a very incremental liberalization in social laws. But, for the time being, the nation is without question the most authoritative regime in the Middle East and one of the worst offenders of inalienable human…

Saudi Arabia and Qatar Invest With Israeli Company

The unspoken Zionist honeymoon.

Saudi Arabia and especially Qatar seek to have it both ways. In Arabic they toe the line: unapologetic support for the Palestinians (albeit the House of Saud says little about Palestine as do most Arab governments…

Saudi Arabia-Israeli Conspiracy During Nasser Years

The 1950s and ’60s saw an Arab Cold War between the Arab Nationalist regimes and the conservative monarchs of the Gulf. Jamal Abdel el-Nasser of Egypt, the undisputed leader of the Arab world at the time, lead the attack in decrying the backwards of the..

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