10 qualities to look for in your partner before getting engaged

So you have found him at last! We know you both must be pretty excited about your engagement as well as your future ahead. But we would rather request you to stop and think for a moment about the qualities in your fiancée that ensure you have an exciting and happy future ahead with him.


Does he excite you?

Relationships can get boring with time especially in a marriage. But there are certain qualities in a man that excite you about him. It might be anything: the way he makes you feel, the way he cracks jokes or the way he cheers you up when you’re sad. These are the small things that will keep you together in the tough times.

Does he listen to you intently?

It is important that he listens intently to what you have to say and doesn’t neglect your viewpoint. Both of you have to take some crucial decisions together in the future. It is important that your say has as influence on the final decision.

Will you be happy together?

Good relationships are based on mutual understanding and how you two handle situations when going gets tough will decide whether or not you two will be happy together in the long run. You must understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths and learn to accept each other as well as forgive.


How do you see your relationship few years down the line?

What do you expect from your relationship after 5 years? It is important to understand your as well as your partner’s expectations from the relationship few years down the line. Discussions such as these help you better understand your relationship dynamics.

How will you handle finances?

You must be open regarding money and should have already planned about how you’ll manage your household. In case you’re still paying your education or car loan or in case you’ll have to take house loan you must be comfortable regarding how you’ll manage the expenses.

Does he respect your ambitions?

You might be getting married but you will have plans for the future. He must respect your ambitions and goals and should be supportive in your pursuit for the same.

Open about sex

Sex is an important part of marriage and you guys should be open about sex even before marriage. You should be able to share your experiences in the past and expectations in future. You should discuss about your likes and dislikes and shouldn’t be uncomfortable on the topic of sex.



You must ensure that your future husband is not involved in any sort of addictions and should resort to different sources of information to know his drinking, smoking habits. Any sort of addiction can be detrimental to a relationship in the long run.

Can he be trusted?

It is important that your partner opens up to you and can talk to you about anything. In case he has been lying to you or his actions don’t match up to his promises you might have to think again.


His family

You must understand his family and should be able to gel in with them. If you already have problems with his family, they will only get worse with time and this may affect your relationship in the long run.

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