10 Best romantic movies for your date night

Looking for ways to cut costs from your wedding budget? Then here is a fantastic idea for a dream date night with your groom-to-be. A dinner and a good movie would surely make you just want to sit back and cherish each other???s company. Here is a collect

6 Most famous marine characters on TV

Characters on television generally catch our eye when we see them doing things we least expect of them. It is common to see humans acting heroes, but it actually enthralls the viewers when they seen an animal who saves the day. Amongst these, are mostly c

10 Movie bloopers that you didn’t notice

It is inevitable to make mistakes and bloopers even when producers spend millions of dollars in making a good and successful movie. However, there are many mistakes that take place in continuity and are visible to the audience???s repetitively. Many viewe

5 Hollywood movie prejudices that refuse to die

Hollywood is famous for making the unimaginable look real. Though Hollywood has modernized with time and experience, still there are some old prejudices which exist in its backroom which go unnoticed by the general public. Here are the 5 Hollywood movie p

All time hits: 10 Most magical movie weddings

Weddings are magical indeed and there are many movies that have shown weddings to our liking. We have enjoyed watching these weddings and have even been moved to tears watching some of them. This article presents to you 10 movies and their characters whos

Ten Unknown Facts About Batman

Batman is one of the most adored superheroes in America. This character firstly appeared in comics and later became so popular amongst the readers that it even appeared in films, TV shows and in video games as well. The character ???Batman??? is a work of

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