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Kerala floods– Nation stands united to help the state

The havoc monsoons have created this year is disastrous and …

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Fukushima Insta Blogs Popular

Fukushima Mass Extinction Event Triggers Fake News In The Media

The shocking nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi in 2011 spread …

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Birth order doesn't affect younger siblings intelligence Insta Blogs Popular

Birth order doesn’t affect younger siblings intelligence and personality: or does it? Find out!

Many people differentiate between their children’s intelligence and personality. Some …

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Stay on rent, that’s money well spent Insta Blogs Popular

Stay on rent, that’s money well spent – The Latest Millennial Mantra

Humans have evolved a lot; from building a civilization to …

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impact-of-technology-on-social-interaction Insta Blogs Popular

The overwhelming impact of technology on social interaction

Technology has made social interaction easier as well as tougher. …

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learning second language Insta Blogs Popular

Studies show learning second language assists in brain development

Learning second language is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. It …

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Tibetan-Singing-Bowls Insta Blogs Popular

‘Here’s All You Need To Know About The Tibetan Singing Bowls’

Music heals. We all know that by now. But the …

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William Shakespeare Insta Blogs Popular

From Einstein to Shakespeare: How creative people got their most creative ideas

When discussing creative people, famous Roman poet Horace once said …

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Root-Cause Insta Blogs Popular

12 Must watch rare disease documentaries and movies

Well-made documentaries are informative and as engrossing as movies. Documentaries …

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Make Some Extra Money On The Side Insta Blogs Popular

Ideas to Make Some Extra Money On The Side

Who wouldn’t love themselves some extra cash? The idea of …

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Make-Your-Video-Content-Go-Viral Insta Blogs Popular

How To Make Your Video Content Go Viral?

Tips and tricks of video content marketing If a picture …

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Playing Video Games Insta Blogs Popular

The Up-Side of Playing Video Games

Video games – the 20th-century sensation – has been a …

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What's more important in love. Insta Blogs Popular

Feelings vs. Commitment: What’s more important in love?

Are you in two minds about where the relationship is …

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Sanna Marin Insta Blogs Popular

11 – Most influential women prime ministers and presidents

Although what happened in the US three years ago might …

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Does America benefit from splashing red in China’s ledger Insta Blogs Popular

The Cultural Connotation of ‘Wuhan Virus’ and ‘Chinese Virus’ Takes The World By Storm

Every time a global pandemic hits the world, a cultural …

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