5 Celebs Who Didn’t Give Up The Gym Even During Pregnancy

Kristin Cavallari was featured as the cover model for Fit Pregnancy, while Hilaria Baldwin didn’t gave up the gym even a single time during her pregnancy. Here are 5celebs that maintained their form during the demanding period. Today’s Top Articles:

10 Celebs Who Are Atheists

Many celebs like the veteran Hollywood artist Jack Nicholson and Grammy winner Ani DiFranco don’t follow any religion. Yet, they are seriously concerned about humanity. Here are 10 celebs that are non-believers and denies existence of God.

Celebs who’ve had crazy arguments on Twitter

Celebrities resort to social media to interact with their fans and to keep them updated about their happening lives. Besides this, many celebrities also use social media like twitter to get into arguments and cat fights.

Best dressed celebs from Cannes 2014

The Cannes Film Festival has always been a major hub for celebrities where they make all efforts to look stylish. Here is a look at the best dressed celebs of Cannes 2014-

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