8 Celebs Who Stinks Pretty Badly At Personal Hygiene

Celebs like Johnny Depp and Jessica Christina Aguilera are known for the heart and soul they put in their performance. Unfortunately, they are also infamous for their poor hygiene. Here are 8 celebs who stinks pretty bad. Today’s Top Articles:

7 Infamous Celebrity Tippers

While celebs like Johnny Depp and Drew Barrymore are the most cherished tippers, Madonna and Jagger aren’t that much courteous at all. Check out our pick of the 7 worst celebrity tippers.

7 Celebs With Outlandish Expense Lifestyles

Late Michael Jackson was known to be a hefty spendthrift. He spent millions on shopping and drugs. Likewise, Justin Bieber is known to spend thousands of dollars on his dates. Here are 7 celebs with bizarre expense habits.

Top celebrities who successfully carried their fame to Instagram

Promotion through social media is becoming a regular practice with celebrities these days. Be it celebrities of bigger fame or just the regular ones, everyone is launching themselves on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Actors whose drinking habit caused trouble on the set

Actors and controversies go hand in hand. These guys have to watch their activities as they are constantly under the scanner. There are some well-known actors who have actually known to create a furore by being drunk on the set.

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