Seven Most Heartbreaking Moments in Indian Cricket

Cricket is India’s de facto national sport. The entire nation goes crazy and a festive mood prevails whenever India takes on any international squad. The fanfare and craze generated for cricket matches in India is unparalleled by any other sport. Indian

Most exciting Hat-tricks in International Cricket

If you have ever been a spectator to a hat-trick in the international cricket then the excitement of watching three batsmen making a beeline to pavilion on three consecutive deliveries, surely have made you restless on your seat. If you support the team

Indian cricketers with most number of ducks

Indian batsmen are known to break numerous records in the game of cricket. The names of Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar and Rahul Dravid feature on top of several world record lists. However, despite of such great batting feats, there are some Indian pla

‘Desi’ Cricketers in World Cricket

There is no doubt that Indian cricket team has emerged as one of the most dominating teams in the past few decades. Along with the players that play for the Indian team, several other India based cricketers have made amazing contributions to the world of

Weird sports of India

India, a country that takes pride in preserving its culture and heritage, has also been home to many local games. Most of them are being played for years, many have turned into a tradition and few are quite strange. Sometimes, the underlying concept behin

New popular sports of India

Cricket, is no doubt the most popular sports in India with millions of Indians following this game like a religion. The recent dismal performances of Team India with England and Australia, has however, hurt the fans badly and many of them are now switchin

Virat: Not yet a better captaincy choice than Dhoni

With a few centuries, stirring performances and the will to perform, cricket-crazy Indians are already hailing Virat Kohli as the new captain for the Indian team. Future-captain or potential-captain are better terms maybe because captaincy is an entirely

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