8 Promising Stars You Shouldn’t Miss In 2017

We’re just a couple of months away from seeing Tom Holland’s enactment as the next Spiderman. Side by side, Dan Stevens is ready to hit big with Legion. Here are the 8 most promising stars, you shouldn’t miss in 2017.

8 Promising Stars To Watch For

  1. Angourie Rice Angourie RiceImage Source : angourie-rice.com
    Australian actress, Angourie Rice made gained recognition with her outstanding performance in Shane Black’s crime-comedy The Nice Guys. Now, the 16-year old is ready to face the limelight from the highly anticipated upcoming Spiderman reboot, Spider-Man Homecoming.
  2. Brit Marling
    The very talented American actress has already gained fame via indie projects such as Sound of My Voice and The East. She was greatly praised for her performance in the hit British TV show Babylon. At present, she is busy with The OA, which has the potential to become the next Netflix biggie.
  3. Daisy Waterstone Daisy WaterstoneImage Source : i.dailymail.co.uk
    The 22-year-old Daisy is popular for her portrayal of the rebellious character of Margo from ITV’s hit show The Durrells. She is ready to make it big in the cine world in 2017. So, be ready to see some award-winning performances from the promising actress.
  4. Dan Stevens
    The charismatic actor is best known for his roles in Downton Abbey and The Guest. In 2017, Stevens is to take his fame to a whole new level. He’ll be seen in Disney’s live action project Beauty and the Beast and X-Men-based TV show Legion.
  5. Harry Styles Image Source : showbiz411.com
    One Direction vocalist is already enjoying his celebrity status. But he is still to make his acting debut in 2017 through Christopher Nolan’s dramatic thriller Dunkirk. The movie is based on the popular WWII incident Miracle of Dunkirk a.k.a. Operation Dynamo.
  6. Jessie Buckley
    Irish actress, Jessie Buckley, gained mainstream attention via BBC’s talent show I’d Do Anything in 2008. She hit big in 2016 by playing Marya in the hit TV show War and Peace. Now, the actress/singer is ready to hit it big with BBC’s Taboo and Peter Moffat’s The Last Post.
  7. Millie Bobby Brown Millie-Bobby-BrowImage Source : cdn4.thr.com
    Stranger Things was a surprise hit. The original Netflix series acquainted us with the brilliant actress Millie Bobby Brown. She is to return in 2017 in EVERYTHING season2.
  8. Tom Holland
    We all saw what Tom Holland/Spiderman is capable of bringing, in Captain America Civil War. His screen presence in the movie was brief yet astounding, which will be complemented in the upcoming Spiderman reboot. Holland will also star in Armitage & Bernthal’s thriller Pilgrimage in late 2017.


From Tom Holland to Angourie Rice, each one of these rising stars has proven themselves as the next hot celeb. Who’s your favorite?

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