Automobile tragedies that claimed celebrity lives at the height of their careers

There is something especially shocking when a celebrity is taken away due to an accident. One can’t help wondering, what else he might have achieved with time? This is a tribute to those who were cut down in their prime and at the height of their careers.

Paul Walker–the latest in the long line of tragic accidents.

Paul Walker

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The 40-year old actor joined the tragic list of celebrity auto fatalities, when the Porsche he was travelling in smashed head on into a tree. “The Fast and the Furious” Star was in the middle of filming the 7th film in the series and left behind a devastated fan following.

His daughter, Meadow Walker, won a settlement worth $ 7.2 million from the estate of the driver who also died at the scene. She also sued Porsche, but that lawsuit was unsuccessful.

James Dean – The ultimate teenage rebel died before his time

James Dean

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The American Cultural Icon, best known for his film “Rebel without a Cause”, James Dean died when he was just 24. An auto-racing enthusiast, he was on his way to attend a race, when his Porsche collided with another car, killing him instantly.

James Dean completed only 3 films in his lifetime but almost six decades later fans still connect with his portrayal of the ultimate sensitive, troubled teenage rebel.

Gilles Villeneuve – he lived and breathed Racing and in the end it cost him his life.

Gilles Villeneuve

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Gilles started his career racing snowmobiles and went on to become one of the Icons of Formula One racing.  Born in 1950, the Canadian racing driver won six Grand Prix races in his short career and would have undoubtedly gone on to win even bigger accolades.

At the qualifying race for the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix, he crashed into another driver on the racetrack. He was going at 225 km/h and came across Mass’s March car going slowly and this led to a collision. He died later that night from a broken neck.

His son, Jacques Villeneuve followed in his footsteps and became a Formula One World Champion.

ArytonSenna–the death of this ultimate F1 racer shook the world


Image Source : I.Telegraph.Co.Uk

On May 1,1984, the world lost one of the greatest Formula One racing drivers of all times, ArytonSenna died doing what he was best at.

Senna’s first kart was built by his father using an old lawnmower and he took part in his first competition when he was 13. Over the next 20 years, he went on to become one of the most successful Formula One drivers.His unfortunate death shook the racing world and brought about widespread safety reforms that are still saving lives on the tracks.

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