Best workout regimens to have attractively lean yet muscular physique

A lean yet muscular physique is attractive and easily achievable if you follow your workout regimen to a T. Most people are confused about which routine to follow in order to build a muscular body. There are many options that you can choose from and if you seriously follow any one of them dedicatedly, you will be astonished by the results. But before you choose any workout regimen, get a full body health check up to avoid complications later.  A few tips on how to build your own workout regimen:

Build a strong program


Avoid mixing bits and pieces of various weight lifting programs that can be seen in physical fitness magazines. Focus on building a core program which includes bench press (to build chest muscles), deadlift (for the legs and back), squats (to build leg muscles) and shoulder press (to build the muscles of upper back and shoulders). Add complex lifts gradually. You could checkout the 21 day fix workout program to help you build a muscular, fit, physique.


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If you want to have a trim, muscular body, you must eat. Never skip any meals and eat healthy, avoiding all junk food. Eat loads of vegetables and up your intake of protein. Carbs and protein after a workout will help in building mass. You should eat 3-4 meals every day and include a good chunk of protein (eggs, meats, dairy), fresh colorful veggies, good fats like nuts or avocado, starches like white rice or sweet potato and a dessert of fruits. With this diet and a good workout regimen, you can have the body you desire.


After a workout, you must rest, though you may be tempted to play your favorite games like basketball. Many bodybuilders advocate taking a nap in the afternoon to gain muscle. Also, you must put a stop to hard partying and get eight hours or more sleep every night if you want to build muscle.

Sample exercise routines

Full body routine (3 days)


It’s a thrice a day workout program in which a workout day is followed by a rest day and after the 3rd workout day, you rest for 1-2 days. It’s used by beginners and involves full body workouts. It’s a good workout regimen for beginners. As you become familiar with the exercises, it triggers your muscles and helps your body to gain more even though you’re training less.

4 day workout

Progress to a 4 day workout after 3-6 months of 3 day workouts. This is for intermediate trainers who focus on upper body and lower body on alternate days, followed by a rest day. You can then take the weekend off or continue after one day of rest.

5 day split

This is an advanced workout program which can be performed after years of following the intermediate program.

With proper nutrition and regular workouts, you can achieve an attractive lean and muscular physique. Do not overtrain and be sure to be advised by an experienced trainer when you start your workout regimen.

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