Five most bizarre purchases by English Premier League footballers

Premier League Footballers have it all! They have the fame, talent, looks, girls, and they have money. Unlike the common lot of people who work their ass off whole life and still do not get anywhere close to their wealth.

Footballers often hit the limelight for squandering their money. They are not to be blamed as they have too much of it so most of the times they simply fall for ostentatious displays of wealth. The lavish spending lifestyle suits them. Have a look at the most preposterous purchase ever made by these Premier League footballers:


Stephen Ireland:

Stephen Ireland is the topper in the list of most ridiculous purchases by footballers. The former Manchester City academy graduate has a fine reputation for buying things no normal person could ever need.

His list starts with a white Range Rover with garish pink trim, a customized Audi R8 in Manchester City and spent £260,000 on a custom Bentley for his WAG. His £5m mansion is chock-a-block with lavishness. The pool table in his mansion has his name decorated on it.


Mario Balotelli:  

He was the centre of attraction during his Manchester City days. In November 2012, the enigmatic Italian covered his £160,000 Bentley Continental in an army camouflage vinyl wrap.

Unsurprisingly, it received plenty of attention the first day he drove it to City’s Carrington training ground. In one picture, Balotelli appeared wearing a camouflage jumpsuit while posing in between a camo-print car and a bike. After moving back to Italy, Balotelli gave his car to new teammate who removed the vinyl and restored Bentley to its original white.


David Beckham:

The most bizarre purchase by Beckham is a set of red and golden thrones, which he purchased for his and wife Victoria Beckham’s reception party back in 1999. After their wedding, they hired in Royal Household staff to put their home in order.

How lavish! In 2013 when Beckham sold off his “Beckingham Palace”, the golden thrones appeared among the items put on a charity auction by them.


William Gallas:

William Gallas bought chrome plated Mercedes SLR McLaren at a massive price of £350,000, while at Arsenal. The Mercedes had a top speed of 207mph and could accelerate from 0-60mph in less than four seconds.


Djibril Cisse:

Liverpool striker Djirbil Cissé earned the title of “Lord of the Manor of Frodsham”, in May 2005. This title came with a purchase of a £2m mansion in Cheshire.

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