Humor: Celebrities and their animal ‘lookalikes’

Not just weird comparisons many celebrities have an actual resemblance to some animals, and it is surely interesting to discover the ‘twins’.

Snoop Dogg and a dog

Snoop Dogg and a dog

Image Source : Hbr.Co.Ke

His debut album ‘Doggystyle’ and the stage name of Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. are one of a kind. Snoop Dogg has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. Interestingly there exists a dog that quite resembles the Star himself. If the dog were made to wear the same accessories as Snoop Dogg the only difference would be that Snoop Dogg used just two legs to walk.

George W. Bush and a Chimp

George W. Bush

Image Source :  IndianExpress.Com

The former President of the United States is said to look like a Chimpanzee. The light colored face, nose and ears of the Chimp are almost identical to Bush sr.

Sarah Jessica Parker and a Horse

Sarah Jessica Parker

Image Source : Cdn.Pursuitist.Com

Best known as the star of the series and the movie Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker has even produced the show. This blonde celebrity has a long face, which immediately reminds one of a horse, a pretty horse rather.

Jamie Hyneman and a Walrus

Jamie Hyneman

Image Source : Keennetwork.Org

You must have seen this face on the ‘Mythbusters’ and wondered what does he look like? The special effects master, and CEO of M5 industries is quite a sport and confesses to be a ‘problematic child’ in the younger years. The animal, which is very identical to him, is the Walrus, especially the tusks of the Walrus and the moustache of Jamie.

Taylor Lautner Totally Looks Like an Alpaca

Taylor Lautner

Image Source :  Resources2.News.Com.Au

With the title of the highest paid teenager under his belt, Taylor Lautner is the heartthrob of millions. The actor more known for his role in the ‘Twilight Saga’ bears a resemblance to an Alpaca. Some people find Taylor as cute as the South American animal Alpaca.

Samuel L. Jackson and a Dog

Samuel L. Jackson

Image Source : Images.Amcnetworks.Com

The Hollywood star has more than 100 films to his credit and continues to work hard as an actor and a producer. A dog has been named Samuel L. Dogson as it resembles not little but a lot to him. The dog is shown wearing spectacle fame like the one Jackson wears.

People around the world have different feelings for different celebrities, some love them while others dislike a few but definitely, the stars of the silver screen cannot be ignored. Their popularity amongst the masses leads to such ‘look-a-like’ comparisons, the fans and the critics both are keen to spot their resemblance with animals.

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