India has much to celebrate with its Glasgow performance

The performance of India at the 2010 Commonwealth games was comparatively good than this year. In 2010, the Commonwealth games were held in Delhi and India won 101 medals in which 38 were gold. Additionally the country was at the second position behind Australia. The people of India were expecting more with the Indian players this year, but the result was not at that level. The Commonwealth Games, 2014 were held recently in Glasgow and India is standing on the fifth rank with 64 medals, out of them 15 are gold, 30 are silver, and 19 are bronze.

india in Glasgow 2014

Even though the country was expecting more with its players, but 60 plus medals are not that bad. 64 medals should be taken as a good figure. The main reason behind this could be the unnecessarily interfere of the Indian Government in the sports sector as the government is interfering a lot than a helping hand to the national sports federation. It is remarkable that India won more than 100 medals in commonwealth games 2010 and it could do even better in Glasgow if the government had supported the players. No doubt that the country has done well in wrestling and shooting but it could also do well in other sports.

The main problem is that the government of India does not focus to provide best coaches to their players and this often result in the performance of the players. Countries like Australia and Canada choose best coaches from the world in order to form a best team and help their players to give their best. This is the result behind the success of Australia and Canada. India could easily add few more golds from wrestling and shooting events. We cannot ignore that women have done well in wrestling and shooting events and Vinesh Phogat and Babita Kumari are on the top with pair of gold medals.

India had won more than 10 medals from archery in Glasgow 2014

India had won more than 10 medals from archery and tennis in 2010, but this year these two games were scrapped out from the games. Though the country have sent 215 athletes to participate in 14 different sports and they did not performed as expected. It is important for the country to take some immediate steps in order to make the team capable to fight in the next commonwealth games.

As the result of commonwealth games 2014 is not of expected level so it is the duty of the Indian government to take some important steps to make the team capable to fight in the nest competition.

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