Red carpet secrets from Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon the ace American actress, won a lot of awards over her long career, and flaunts the red carpet look at most film fests too. The dare devil has won numerous awards and recognition for acting skills. She stuns the crowd with her awesome and refined looks. The style-watching cameras keep rolling to click Susan Sarandon. She has been found posing with elegance across red carpets in Los Angeles over the years.

The one who ages with style

Susan Sarandon 2

Judging her age is just not so easy until you search the net for information. She doesn’t bother about her age and dresses so elegantly that she simply attracts the crowd. She is known for her confidence level and handing it really better than any other. Susan Sarandon is known for hitting the red carpet with ease. She comes with the standards of new fashion, which keeps the cameras focus on her.

Susan Sarandon was found not wearing shoes on the red carpet once, and when questioned, she hit back with confidence that she would like to walk bare footed. The video of her walking barefoot went viral, and started lively discussions on whether she wanted to start a new trend or was it a blunder that she forgot to wear one.

Susan Sarandon 4

She was advised to not repeat the same and to wear a good pair of shoes next time onwards. Yet, she showed that she dared and ensured that she could indeed throw caution to the winds. We indeed love her for this and saw our respect double up over night.

Viral pictures kept rolling all over the internet with her seen bare footed. It’s very uncommon to see the style statements that are noticed from top to toe, to do some blunder mistakes from wardrobe malfunctions to makeup blunders and finally that ended up with Susan walking barefooted. She was instantly questioned and her flaunting answer was sent across for a minute across the internet.

The New Zealand film festival crowd went nuts upon seeing the best performing actresses walking out of the car barefooted. This is what we call style, my folks! The world of styling and fashion trends are watching with eagle eyes to see every remarkable thing about an actress and focuses on every blunder! We are waiting eagerly for Sarandon’s next red carpet! She has barely ever fumbled though!

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