Top celebrities who successfully carried their fame to Instagram

Promotion through social media is becoming a regular practice with celebrities these days. Be it celebrities of bigger fame or just the regular ones, everyone is launching themselves on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Celebs have realized that their fans are a huge part of their position today. They use these social media platforms for being in touch with these fans. Interaction via tweets, comments on Instagram, live streaming on Facebook is in trend these days. Be it posting updates of their upcoming movies or songs on Facebook or day to day fun elements and some personal updates on Instagram as well as Snapchat, it’s like a daily routine. These famous people have gathered a great fan-following which can be even seen in the counts on these social platforms.

Let’s have a look at some such famous celebrities who carried their fame to Instagram and how much of a fan following they could get there.

Selena Gomez:


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Selena’s fans are famous by the name “Selenators”. The 24 years old Selena has have reached over 102 million following on Instagram. This young talented singer-actor is the top followed celebrity on Instagram. Though she does not post very frequently but her fans have been religiously following even those once in a while posts. They have bashed out any kind of hate that has come in Selena’s way and Selena in turn has very courteously been thankful to them.Selena started her career in 2002 and gained fame from the famous Disney show “Wizards of the Waverly Place.” Her sassy acting skills as Alex fetched her immense fan following. 

Taylor Swift:


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Next up on the list is Selena’s best friend Taylor Swift with a following of around 5 million. This American singer-songwriter has made her fame through the narrative songs based on her personal life.She has been interactive with her fans on Instagram as well. Every now and then she has been replying to her fans with inspiring words. Imagine the intensity with which those lucky fans might follow her advices. 

Deepikaa Padukone:


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Next up on the list is none other than our Indian beauty Deepika Padukone with a following of 5 million. Though the number of followers might not be as much as of others on the list but the damsel is expanding her fame. This subtle face has not only charmed the Indian crowd but has also traced her way to Hollywood, in the yet-to-release movie XXX opposite Vin Diesel.

This model turned actress has been gathering her fan base since her first movie Om Shaanti Om; the fan base which is now spreading worldwide. More or less all of her posts have her posing in her various outfits in which the hint of her modeling background comes up. 

Ariana Grande:


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Coming back to the celebs from around the world, our Dangerous Woman Ariana Grande had around 2 million followers. Ariana is seen posting a lot and recently she has posted her childhood pictures in which she looks as cute as she does now.She posts around 4 to 5 pictures from each event that she does, sometimes including backstage pictures with her usual cute expressions. She became famous through her role as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon channel in the series called Victorious and has fetched fans till date that are growing in number with every Song album she releases. 

Kim Kardashian West:


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The name of Kardashians got in news for all the wrong reasons in the beginning which led them to E! Network‘s reality television series ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, from where they became famous. Kim, who is a television personality, a socialite, an actress and a model, has over 86 million followers on Instagram.

Kim’s siblings, especially Kylie Jenner, who is Kim’s half sister, has a huge following as well. Her other well known siblings include Kourtney Kardashian
, Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. 

The latest update of Instagram has drawn celebrities to send glimpses of what they are up to, on daily basis. Instagram is playing an important role to keep the fan-celeb bond alive, so also keeping a count of their growing fan base.

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