Truth, lies and conspiracy theories about Indian sexual revolution

According to the print media and web media, the sex revolution in India has taken place and it has changed the way women lead their lives. A little bit of social awareness and a look around will confirm that this is far from the truth. Sexual revolution is a very controversial topic. It is also a topic that interests people of all social strata. The spiciness of this topic heightens the sale of women’s magazines and papers that talk about it. However, the truth is that, India is still highly immature in matters of sex and sexual freedom. The true picture is not apparent to many of us and media hype has created a parallel reality that is based on sheer lies.

The surveys and polls show how women are craving sex and have nothing else to do with their lives. Is sexual revolution all about having sex with strangers or having casual sex? It is certainly a lot more than that. In India equality between the genders is still a distant dream. The high rates of sexual abuse on women, the mass killing of the girl child and girl-fetus, cases of torture on women for dowry and other heinous gender crimes are example of the sexual backwardness of real India.


All glitter, no gold

Unlike the popular belief, sexual freedom does not come from having sex with multiple men or women. True sexual freedom comes from the change in the attitude of society. A society which still looks down on a girl who has had pre-marital sex or who has been a victim of rape has not matured in any way. Re-marriage and live together are still considered social stigma and the LGBT community faces harsh treatment from different parts of the society. The media is promoting sexual repression of women through the wrong information regarding women’s lib and creating a false image of sexual revolution. In western countries a woman is free to conceive and give birth to a child without marriage. In India how many woman can do this without any social stigma or fear? How will they be treated? These questions must be addressed for understanding the level of sexual freedom that today’s generation enjoys.


Falsifying the reality: a business

The data presented by the popular news papers and magazines regarding sexual freedom of women and stories where the real names are withheld must be questioned. How true are they? There is a chance that the truth has been diluted to a level where it cannot be recognized. Instead of focusing on the problems that women face every day in India the media houses are busy earning their bucks from over-hyped sexual revolution news.

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