8 Celebs Who Stinks Pretty Badly At Personal Hygiene

Celebs like Johnny Depp and Jessica Christina Aguilera are known for the heart and soul they put in their performance. Unfortunately, they are also infamous for their poor hygiene. Here are 8 celebs who stinks pretty bad.

8 Celebrities With Poor Hygiene

  1. Christina Aguilera
    Christina Aguilera
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    Hannah Hooper of Group love suggests that Christina Aguilera smells like hot dogs. Maybe she’s not a big fan of the vocalist. But a report for Arena Magazine said that Aguilera stinks “like a 12-year-old girl’s bedroom on school-disco”
  2. Courtney Cox
    Good looks don’t always correspond to proper hygiene, as in the case of beautiful Courtney Cox. In the words of her ex-husband David Arquette, Courtney sometimes smells like a truck driver.
  3. Jessica Simpson

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    Having one of the beautiful smile doesn’t necessitate hygiene, at least in Jessica Simpson’s case. In her own words, she doesn’t brush regularly and would use Listerine most of the times, and her sweater at other times.
  4. Johnny Depp
    Several sources suggest that POTC star Johnny Depp goes on without a shower for days. Like his POTC character Jack Sparrow, Depp likes to stay shabby and cares less about personal hygiene, specifically shower.
  5. Kristen Stewart

    Image Source : hooch.net
    Other than for good looks and Twilight series, Kristen Stewart is also known for her scruffy appearances every now and then. She doesn’t mind going out in a funky T-shirt without brushing her hair.
  6. Megan Fox
    In her own words, Megan Fox is like a bear to live with. In a statement given to FHM, Megan Fox admits to being a very horrible person to live with. She admitted that she doesn’t clean often and her clothes end up wherever she took them off. Fox even said that she often forgets to flush the toilet! Now, that’s gross!
  7. Orlando Bloom

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    Eye-candy for most of the ladies, Orlando Bloom is too busy with his work to find time for personal hygiene. His ex-wife Miranda Kerr blurted out that Orlando is lazy about hygiene. He goes on for weeks without getting his clothes a proper wash. He even allows his dogs to bed with him.

  8. Russell Crowe
    Not only the Academy Award winner Russell Crowe is infamous for his bad attitude, but also for his poor hygiene. Late comedian Joan Rivers were the first to admit that Crowe stinks, and stinks pretty bad.


So next time you get a chance to meet any of these celebrities, try to keep a safe distance from them.

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