Who will replace Sachin Tendulkar in the dressing room…Perhaps one?

Don’t get me wrong when I speak about replacing Sachin Tendulkar, for there is absolutely no one in this world who can replace the Master Blaster and his contributions to Indian cricket. However, the little master’s exit from the Indian test cricket team has led to an empty slot that needs to be filled. And the impertinent question here is, who will ever be able to replace the Mumbai stalwart in the longest format of the game? Here are some players we think would be a fitting addition to the national squad in the future.


Rohit Sharma

He has already become a force to reckon with in the limited overs format of the game. However, he still needs to work on his patience when it comes to playing slowly and wisely during a Test match. His wrist work and immaculate timing would be just what the team needs to get some runs on the score board, unless his inconsistency does him in. With Sachin’s exit, the doors have opened for Rohit Sharma again. Only time would tell as to whether he would be able to grab this opportunity and hold onto it properly.


Ajinkya Rahane

He is the opening batsman for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL T20. A natural attacker of the ball, Rahane is extremely adept at playing big shots and piercing the gaps in the fielding for boundaries. However, like Sharma, his patience requires some work, while his style would need to reflect a bit of old school in it. With sense, sensibility and consistency, Rahane can race ahead of his contenders to grab a spot in the national test squad.


Dinesh Karthik

He has already represented India in all the three formats of the game; ODIs, T20s and Tests. However, a concrete place in the squad in all the three formats has been eluding him for some time. As a primary wicket keeper, Karthik had to bow out to Mahendra Signh Dhoni, but he has come up with some nice knocks in the longest format. With Sachin’s exit, Karthik may just have got that second chance to prove his mettle, and cement a place for himself in at least one of the game’s formats.


Subramaniam Badrinath

He is 33 years old and has only a few years of cricket left in him. However, Subramaniam Badrinath may very well be the answer to Sachin’s replacement in the national test squad. His experience is extremely long term, and he has a unique skill set that has sadly, not been able to catch the selector’s attention. Badrinath is known to attack formidably as well as carefully, always adapting to the situation adeptly. Let’s hope his talents and experience help him secure a place in the national test squad, now that Sachin has left the team.

Ranji match between Mumbai and Bengal

Abhishek Nayar

Matureness and level-headedness are two inherent traits of every test cricketer. And Mumbai’s Abhishek Nayar has both. The batsman is known for his knocks in the domestic arena and like Badrinath, can attack as well as defend adeptly. His medium pace bowling has also helped India gran some much needed wickets on more than one occasion. Maybe, the selectors would finally find these reasons good enough to get him back into the game.

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