10 Celeb gossips that you want to know


You cannot deny at all that all your love for the tinsel town personalities are more inclined towards the gossips in their lives rather than their onscreen skills and style statements. We are not blaming you at all as celeb gossips sell like hot cakes and that is exactly what keeps these celluloid tycoons clicking more than anything. So, does that mean they are deliberate creators of gossips about them? Well, that is a debate. But let us have a sneak peek into the lives of some of our favorite celebrities and capture the spicy side of them.

1. Pamela Anderson to wear leather this time

Pamela Anderson

How could we leave behind Pamela Anderson when the topic is gossip? This voluptuous belle makes our pituitary perennially hyperactive at her very sight! But you might be eager to know what the new gossip about her is. Well, this time the convict is PETA, who never understood that the sensational diva loves her skin as much as the innocent animals. So, the latest gossip is that she will appear in leather in the next PETA add. Hold it, the leather is none other than her own skin! We are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping the gossip turns out to be true and we get a grand feast for our eyes.

2. Anna Paquin will be mother of Stephen Moyer???s baby

Anna Pequin and Stephan Moyer

Now this news is really something that will raise our eyebrows. It is not pregnancy or motherhood that is a surprising thing, neither is Anna Paquin the one we are curious about. But look at Stephen Moyer. A child again out of a relationship will now hit his forehead for sure, creating more creases that you could ever think! He already has the ???fame??? of fathering two kids from his previous relationship as well. We are damn sure the contraception methods have become ineffective these days. Or is Stephan a bit more adventurous?

3. Katy Perry wants to reconcile

Katy Perry

Katy wishes to get her ex spouse, the wheelchair porn, Russle Brand, back in her life. What a utopia! She must have known that words and arrows when shot never return back. A close Perry associate reveals that the gloomy lady is missing her man and India trip, coupled with a solo onstage performance fanned the flame further. It is needless to say that India is where the couples tied the wedlock in 2010.

4. Heidi Montag to release another album

Heidi Montag.

Now, the glitz and glam of ???page three publicity??? is sure to drain out the fortune of this songstress one day. We are confused how she could take that risk so quickly after the bombastic negative outcome of her album ???Superficial??? in 2010! The fame woman lady seems cranky and goes on record saying that she has spend $2million on her music career. But it has not worked out as she wished! Isn???t there a better thing to do than running after the limelight like a loon and being at the top list of celebrity paupers one day?

5. Christina Aguilera shows of her flab again

Christina Aguilera

When the world is running after the concept of ???zero figure??? what makes Christina Aguilera do a different thing? We were flabbergasted at how she indulges into skin show when her skin remains perennially hidden behind loads of body fat! We were frustrated to see her on stage for ???The Voice??? last night. The polymer girdle and pair of platform booties could not hide her bulging out armpit, awkwardly popping out boobies and a tummy resembling premenstrual bloat! Rumors are that she does not have a mirror in her house! So, she loves to flaunt her flab.

6. Heidi Klum takes pride in her natural body

Heidi Klum.

This 38 years of mother of four dares to be sky clad for the next month???s subscription of Allure. Her take on this is that it is all natural that she is about to show us. She has a strong aversion to plastic surgery and artificial ???assets???. So, does she claim that plastic surgery species make your partner feel distressed with unexpected outcomes when in love?

7. Gerard Butler with a brunette this time

Gerard Butler

This man’s appetite for women seems never to get satiated! So, we also keep on debating and betting who is the next chic to be seen with this girl maniac. While all the dumb gals raced with each other this weekend at the T- Mobile Neon Carnival to join him into a port-o-potty, a mysterious brunette was lucky to gain his favor. They were missing for a short span immediately after the dance to join again at the carnival-themed bash. Need we say more, what did they do in this short break?

8. Angelina???s wedding ring costs less that Jennifer???s

Angelina Jolie's engagement ring

While Brad Pitt was very particular about every detailing of the engagement ring he was supposed to gift Angelina Jolie on the D-day, gossip mongers found out a really spicy slice out of it all! Brad spent dear $250,000 for this keepsake for Angie. But, hold it, he spend half a million on the engagement ring for Jennifer Aniston, his ex wife. Jenn never left any opportunity to remind the media of the same. Why did Brad do such a thing? Did the split up with Jenn made him loose a considerable amount of his fortune?

9. Lindsay Lohan is broke

Lindsay Lohan

Sources reveal that Lindsay is running in severe debt. Her neck is strained under a robust sum of $3million! Playboy magazine has been a cheater cock with her and paid her only a small pittance as compared to what she was supposed to receive for her spread! At least that is what she and her well wishers remark. Her hefty lifestyle is also posing a villain for her. But it is her addiction and she could not get out of it.

10. Kim dreams to be a mayor

Kim Kardashian

Is California a celeb haven? We do not know for sure. But there is certainly something in the air of California that makes celebs turn politicians. After Arnie, it is the time for Kim Kardashian to turn her attention towards the mayoral position of Glendale, California. But Kim, you must know that you need to serve the city council for years before getting promoted. Our secret sources say that Kim???s representative is already backtracking and Kim???s hopes are on the verge of getting squashed!

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