Michael Jackson brothers planning another tribute show in December

tribute show in December

The legendry singer Michael Jackson???s brothers are planning another tour to pay tribute to the pop sensation, who died in June 2009 due to acute propofol intoxication. Known for giving hits like ‘Heal the World’ the pop king has been given this tribute by his brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon. The four brothers recorded the album ‘This is hit’ following the demise of Michael Jackson.

The last concert was held in Wales, UK where singers like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis and Gladys Knight to name a few had participated in the event. It was for the first time, when Michael brothers had reunited on stage after the death of the singing sensation.

The concert that includes songs and gigs is said to be located in Tokyo to raise funds for an organization Ashianga that aims at providing aid for children who have been the victims of the earthquakes in Japan and have lost their parents or suffer health issues. Everyone knew the love Michael Jackson had for children. Hence paying tribute to him by raising funds for the organization was considered the best option by his fellow singers and family members.

The concert is said to be fund raiser for the children victimized by the earthquake in Japan. However, if reports are to be believed then Randy Jackson is not in support of this concert and the show might just happen without him.

Michael Jackson’s brother Randy had always supported these concerts but has failed to come to an agreement with the Jackson brother’s group regarding this tour. However, the brothers are expected to sing 15 songs and perform gigs along with other artist from Japan.

Apparently, the reason that Randy has given is that he did not find it correct to hold the concert near the dates of trial of Michael’s doctor Conrard Murray and criticizes to hold an event near the date of Michael Jackson’s death trial. The tour in Wales was held on 8 October whereas the commencement of the trial took place in the last days of September.

Along with Randy, Jermaine has also expressed his disapproval to the show that is scheduled to take place in December. As the Conrard’s trial will continue till December, and all this might take away the attention from an important trial.

Reportedly, the famous Japanese singer A.I will also be present at this event along with the Michael brothers. A.I is expected to Emcee the event as well as she will perform with Jackie, Tito, and Marlon Michael. Jackson’s mother contacted A.I and the latter agreed to be a part of the tribute tour. She will be singing songs from MJ’s album as well as her own numbers.

No one has any idea if the tussle between the Michael brothers is going to affect the Tour or not. But it is for sure that seeing the fan following Michael Jackson has all over the world, the show is surely going to bring smiles on the face of many in Japan.

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