10 Cheapest countries to buy property in 2019

buy property in 2019

Some of us buy property to build a dream house. Some of us buy property as an investment of our hard-earned money in a tangible asset. But whatever may be the reason, buying a property can be an expensive financial decision. With the ever-rising prices of the real estate, buying a property can leave a big hole in your pocket. But, what if we tell you that there are many countries where you can buy property for a throwaway price! Yes, there are several countries having a really affordable real estate. So, here is a list of 10 cheapest countries to buy property in 2019.

  1. Brazil:BrazilIf you love the idea of living on a tropical island, but the budget is a constraint. Then, Brazil is the place for you. You can buy a home on the island of Itamarca. It has some beautiful beach facing houses available from $50000. Another city in Brazil having the most affordable real estate is Little Rio. It is situated north of Rio de Janeiro.It is a beach town surrounded by tropical forests and mountains. Apart from affordable houses, these beach towns provide a tranquil lifestyle away from the trappings of the city. These cities are almost an hour’s drive from the airport. They have everything within a reasonable distance and yet have significantly less traffic.
  2. Mexico: Mexico is one of the cheapest countries to buy property. It has some of the least expensive properties. A relatively unstable economy and abject poverty is the reason behind cheap real estate in Mexico. You can buy a house for as less as US$35000. For prices higher than this, you can buy colonial mansions. Places like Alamos, Xalapa, and Durango are ideal for buying a house. All of these are towns surrounded by mountains and have an authentic Mexican charm.
  3. Italy:Italy
    Italy has plenty of really affordable real estate. Some regions of Italy have the least expensive properties. The island of Sardinia has houses available for US$25000. Including renovation and restoration costs. It is sparsely populated and offers great countryside houses. Another place in Italy having the most affordable real estate is Abruzzo is scarcely populated and is one of the least discovered places in Italy. It has beautiful snow-capped mountains and rich architectural heritage. Apartments here cost as little as US$1,015. There are houses here that boast of both coastal and mountain lifestyles.
  4. Argentina: Argentina is a popular tourist destination. It has a rich cultural history. There are many museums, cuisines and tons of history for you to explore. If you want a plush, sprawling house, Argentina is the best country to live. The real estate in Argentina has a fairly reasonable price. You can buy a home for as less as US$100000. The average cost of an apartment is around US$ 1000 per square meter. Being a tourist destination, you can even rent out your property to gain a profit.
  5. Ecuador:
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    Ecuador is a beautiful country that has remained largely unaffected by globalization. It has both mountains and beaches. Ecuador has a lot of undeveloped and affordable beachside real estate.Salinas is one such seaside town. Located in the far west of Ecuador, it offers the most affordable real estate. It is a relatively more developed town in Ecuador with plenty of shops and amenities. Another great feature is that Salinas has an airport too, which connects it to Ecuador’s international airport, Guayaquil. You can buy a home in Salinas for US$50000.Another city with the least expensive real estate in Ecuador is Cuenca. It’s a sparsely populated city with several historic buildings. It has a Spanish-colonial style of architecture with fast internet and excellent infrastructure.The city of Loja is another good option for buying property in Ecuador. The property market in Loja is quite cheap. You can buy a penthouse in an exclusive area of Loja for around US$115,000. It is located at an altitude of 6,750 feet, giving you a beautiful mountain view.
  6. Cambodia: Cambodia is at the top of the list of the cheapest countries to buy properties in 2019. It is a beautiful tropical country with a great tropical climate. The real estate in Cambodia is very affordable. Beautiful coastal houses are available at throwaway prices. You can buy a nice 3-bedroom home for as less as US$20,000. You also have the option to rent out the property while you are not there.
  7. Vietnam:extremely affordable homes
    Vietnam is a growing tourism market. Therefore, it has become one of the best places to buy a property. You will find extremely affordable homes and condos ranging from US$25,000 to US$50,000 in all the prime locations. Like much of Southeast Asia, the cost of living in Vietnam is quite inexpensive. One of the other benefits of buying a house in Vietnam is its tourism market. You can easily rent out your house to tourists all year round.
  8. Thailand: Thailand is quite well known for a variety of things such as food, amenities, and nightlife. It is a very popular and inexpensive tourist destination. You can purchase a high-rise apartment for about $30,000 or a luxurious 2 or 3-bedroom home with a pool and a garden for $60,000.Thailand offers a lot more amenities at comparable costs to Vietnam and Cambodia. The overall cost of living is also quite low in Thailand. The value for money makes Thailand, one of the cheapest countries to buy property in 2019.
  9. Bulgaria:
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    Bulgaria is a beautiful European country with stunning architecture. Tourists flood Bulgaria all year round. It is also one of the cheapest places to live in Europe. You can purchase a house in less than US$20000. It has an excellent climate making it a great tourist destination. So, if you wish to rent your property to tourists, you can do so throughout the year.
  10. Hungary: Hungary one of the most popular European destinations. Many people buy vacation homes or even move in permanently. The city of Budapest is particularly attractive. It is one of the oldest and most architecturally stunning cities in the world.Despite being such a popular tourist destination, it has a very affordable real estate. A 1,000 square foot house, in a prime location will cost US$90,000. Budapest is home to a large number of ex-pats. Therefore, you will never feel lonely or out-of-place. Even in Europe, Hungary is one of the best countries to settle down.

Final Words

Be it Europe, South America, North America or Asia there are plenty of countries having an affordable real estate. So the next time you need to buy a property overseas, make sure you check out these countries as well.

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