Gardening-a go green hobby


I started it as time pass,but now it has become a great hobby.Yes I’m talking about gardening.There is nothing more beautiful than to wake up in the midst of greenery and plants. We all know that having plants in and around the house is beneficial in many ways.

I considered gardening as a stress buster at first and it really worked wonders.However, as more and more time passed, I realized that the blooming greenery around me has not only reduced my stress levels, but created an overall positive impact on my health as well.

The story of my garden

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I started with a very small garden. Now my home is covered with plants. Seeing such beauty all around motivates me to take care of my garden every day and ensure that my plants are doing fine.

At first, I thought of having a kitchen garden. But as I visited the nursery near my house to purchase new plants, I had a change of mind.Seeing my interest in gardening,the gardener told me to buy few flowering plants too.

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I did not believe much in the flowering plants to flourish, because Chennai is a hotter place for such plants.But still I wanted to try it and that’s how my flowers /foliagegarden started to grow.

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First few weeks I had to toil a bit – but “without pain, no gain”.There were days when I did want to give up, but something inside me kept me going. As I spent more time on them, the plants turned loyal by showing a good growth.When I witnessed the first bloom in my garden, I had great satisfaction that my work had good result just in front of my eyes.

Trust me, there is a whole magical world out there, which only you can unlock. All you need is a few plant pots, a space for them, and a great garden sprinkler to nourish them.

The sweet and beautiful fruit of toil

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Now when I wake up every morning, first thing I do is to go in to my garden and look at that day’s fresh blooms. Trust me,it’s really refreshing. What is even more beautiful is to know that these are the same plants that I have cared for.

I am happy to have such a productive hobby – it not only keeps me busy, but also helps me to learn a lot. When I am gardening, I learn how to channelize my thoughts as well as focus on what I am doing. It also helps me to connect to myself and shows me my strengths and weakness.

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Whenever my mood is off,I go to my garden to get a positive start once again. It helps me to overcome my fears and gives me a reason to stay motivated. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, gardening has also helped my overall health. Gardening is a hobby that reaps multiple benefits.

I made it a point to start my day early in the morning so I can enjoy more working in my garden. This not only refreshes my mind, but is also a good work out for the body, mind and spirit, especially with the kind of lifestyle we all have.

Gardening is more than just growing plants and flowers

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As photography is one of my other hobbies, gardening remains as a good subject for my photography sessions on weekends. It gives me a good escape route from my stress and I have more time for myself nowadays. By taking out snaps of my garden, I get to see the way my efforts have paid off. Moreover, it also gives me an opportunity to share the beauty of Nature with others.

I feel happy knowing that I continue to contribute towards the environment. We all know that there are so many environmental issues going on at the same time. Big or small, a garden does make a significant difference to the environment. Planting trees, flowers, fruits, etc. are just some of the many ways that you can give back to Mother Nature.

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Gardening has made a big difference in my life. I have learned how to care for myself while caring for my plants. It also changed the way I deal with things like negative thoughts and challenging situations. Moreover, it has helped me to understand how important it is for a person to focus on themselves even while caring for others.  When I see birds chirping in my garden, the flowers blooming and even the smell of soil after its watered,it makes me happy, content and overall satisfied about what I am doing.

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Gardening is a good hobby – not only for us, but also for our globally warmer society.

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