5 Animal Care Tips for the Summer Heat

Everyone loves the summer. It’s the perfect time to get outside and have some fun. However, that heat can have a toll on your pets’ health. Don’t let your pets suffer from the heat. Here are five animal care tips to help them cope and be comfortable this summer.

Know the Warning Signs of Heat Exhaustion


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Pets don’t have sweat glands to help them control their body temperature. That’s why they get heat exhaustion a lot faster than people. If you have a pet, it’s important to know the warning signs. The biggest thing to watch for is panting. A little panting is normal after vigorous activity, but excessive panting should be addressed right away. Also, if your pet is lethargic or acting in any unusual way, you should make sure he or she doesn’t have heat exhaustion. If you want to make sure you’re prepared for any emergencies, consider getting a pet plan like Bivvy.

Avoid Activity During the Hottest Part of the Day

It’s important to help your pets get exercise and have fun, but these activities should be done in the morning or evening hours when the heat of the summer has let up a bit. During the hottest part of the day, your pets would rather sit at home in the shade or any other cool place. Pets are smart; they know when to conserve their energy, so don’t make them play when it’s time to rest. Of course, this also means you should provide a cool and comfortable place for them to lie down and spend their time. There are contraptions you can buy, like cooling mats and misters, to help.

Make Sure Your Pet Always Has Access to Fresh Water

Pets drink a lot of water, especially when it’s hot outside. Water helps pets keep themselves cool. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your pets always have access to cool, fresh water both when they are inside and out. When it’s really hot outside, consider adding some ice to their water pails. They’ll enjoy the refreshing treat. If you take your pet away from home, bring water for your pet with you.

Never Leave Your Pet in a Car or Hot Room

Cars are like incubators; they absorb heat and keep it inside the cabin. The temperature inside your car can easily get 20 degrees hotter than the temperature outside. That’s why it’s never OK to leave your pet alone in a hot car.. Even five minutes in a hot car can cause extreme fatigue or heat stroke. If you plan on stopping at the store, leave your pet at home. Cracking the windows just doesn’t cut it.

Understand the Special Needs of Your Pet’s Breed

Not all pets are as well equipped to handle the heat as others. For instance,pets with a flat face, like pugs, terriers, and Persian cats, cannot pant as effectively as other pet breeds. Additionally, older pets don’t have the energy that they did when they were younger and can’t cool themselves off like they used to. Pay special attention to their needs.

If you ever have a quick question on how to care for your pet, you can get advice 24/7 online through the Kuddly app. All pets deserve world-class wellness. So, make sure your pet doesn’t get overheated this summer.


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