DrPrem Jagyasi

9 priceless artifacts you didn’t know India had

India has been a repository of not only great spiritual, moral and architectural wealth but also of treasures beyond comparison. The affluence that the Indian rulers boasted of, can be matched by almost none in the world. However, the crest jewels and won

Misuse of public property

Whenever any agitation arises,huge damage to public property is being done by the people.Burning of trains, stone pelting on government authorities has become a common phenomenon and the government chooses to remain a silent spectator.Destruction of..

Misuse of public property

Top media tycoons of India

Media plays the role of a catalyst in the growth of any economy. But who is behind the successful work of this term ‘media’? It is obviously the media entrepreneurs who have successfully led the sector to the glorious heights. Here, we acknowledge the

Rajesh Sawhney
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