5 Dazzling red carpet hairstyles

Several film festivals of local and international standard happen every other day all around the world. For celebrities, these are very important events through which they can showcase their recently bought designer wears and hairstyles to people who follow their every style. More often than not, these hairstyles are copied by millions of fans. Here is a list of the top five dazzling hairstyles flaunted at these red carpet events. The article will give you some tips to sport these trendy hairstyles.

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1. The no fuss bun

If you want to look polished and edgy, then you can copy this style. First, apply a volume styling mousse and then blow dry your hair. Once hair is dry completely, large sections of hair should be curled around a curling iron for that extra volume. Pull your hair back, except the front section of hair, to make a high ponytail. Then the ends should be wrapped around into a tight knot. The look can be done with the help of two hairpins only. Apply a shine serum to your fingers. Then comb back the top section of hair and pin them into places at the base of the bun. A quick spritz of hairspray to hold the hair finishes the look completely. This makes your hair look elegant giving it a formal look which goes perfect with formal and professional attire as well.

2. Straight and sleek

A straightened hair with a bit of curve in it gives the entire hairdo a much more wearable and modern look than a hairdo that is straight like a stick. To add softness to the hair, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner while showering. To soften your hair even further, a volumizing mousse or gel has to be applied on damp hair and it has to be blow dried with a round brush. A flat iron can be used to straighten the hair but it can cause a lot of damage. Therefore, dry hair should be sprayed with a heat protectant spray. Now divide the hair into small sections and quickly run the iron in one sweep to prevent clamping. A shine serum should be applied in order to give a good finish, making your hair smooth and trendy. The straight and sleek style is one of the most common hairstyles made by the celebrities in the red carpet events.

3. Sleek bun

This is a look that can be worn anywhere from a business meeting to a glamorous event like birthday party. This is an Angelina Jolie favorite. A velvet amplifying solution has to be applied on damp hair. Then a small amount of texturizing wax should be used on hair before making a ponytail at the center back of the head. The hair has to be split into three different sections first. Then pins have to be applied around the elastic along with bobby pins. Spraying a hold hair spray to ensure that the hair stay in one place. It gives a very professional look and goes well with formal outfits.

4. Pixie perfect

This is for a very retro look. If you want to wear this look, short or long hair actually does not matter. To the wet hair, a volumizing mousse has to be applied. Air dry the hair and shape them during the meantime. Try pointing the dryer to the roots in order to get a nice lift that goes well with the style. While smoothing hair into shape, a mirror polish serum has to be applied on hair to add a very polished finish to the hairdo. This gives your hair volume and makes it soft. It goes well with long dresses and old jewelery and makes you look like an actress straight from the 80s.

5. Easy, bouncy curls

This hairstyle is the perfect one for giving you a relaxed, casual look that you would aspire for a casual night out with friends. A volume enhancing serum has to be applied on wet hair. A 1-inch curling iron is taken and hair is wrapped towards the face in 1-inch sections. For a natural finish, you need to run your hands through the curls. A texturizing spray will finish off the look. The curls make it look stylish, and it looks even better with colored hair. It goes well with any kind of casual dresses, even jeans and tops.

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