6 Most famous marine characters on TV

Characters on television generally catch our eye when we see them doing things we least expect of them. It is common to see humans acting heroes, but it actually enthralls the viewers when they seen an animal who saves the day. Amongst these, are mostly cartoons who are very popular and are loved by children and adults equally. Some of the most famous fish characters who appeared on the television and entertained us are as follows.

Famous Fish Characters

1. Oswald

This cartoon featured on Nick. Jr is the first time when an octopus played the lead positive role in any series. This large blue octopus which has four arms and four legs is very gentle, polite and kind hearted. He is always ready to go out of his way to help his friends who live with him in an apartment complex. The city is a fancy New York city and the buildings are shaped as everyday objects to capture the children???s attention. He also owns a dog known as weeny whom he loves beyond anything and takes him along wherever he goes. The stories generally start with some trouble and end with Oswald saving the day. His hobbies include playing his piano and singing. He is very careful when stepping into water and always wears a safety vest highlighting the importance of taking precautions.

2. Sponge Bob Square Pants

The main character of the series launched by Nickelodeon, Sponge Bob Sqaure Pants is a famous character amongst kids. His bright yellow color and funny behavior endears him to one and all. He has extremely thin arms and legs and his body is otherwise square in shape. His body parts can expand and contract on will or when he is being squashed. Spongebob is usually dressed in a formal shirt, brown pants and a red tie. He is very sweet in nature, fun loving, helpful and very trustful. He is easily over excited even for the smallest of tasks. Because he lacks any bones, he is incredibly weak and cannot carry any loads at all. His best friend Patrick is a pink starfish. This character which is now very common to households was designed by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hilenburg.

3. Fish Out of Water

This is one of the main characters in the movie ???Chicken Little??? by Disney. A goldfish who is equipped with a scuba diving gear so that he can breathe out of water too. He is not capable of talking but is very brave and not shy at all. His funny expressions and acts make him a very endearing character.

4. Megamind???s ‘minion’

This fish is the side kick of the main character of the movie, whose aim is to be the best villain of all time. The character is very funny and aids his friend throughout the movie. Minion has two sharp teeth and can be aggressive when required. He wears a suit that enables him to walk and lift objects and even drive, with his jar sitting on top in place of the head. He is a very sweet character and can be emotional too. Towards the end of the movie, he almost sacrifices himself, acting a body double of his boss to save the city. He is a perfect side kick and regularly gets his boss out of the jail whenever the situation demands.

5. Flounder

Flounder is a bright colored fish who gets into all sorts of trouble and accompanies the main character of the series, Ariel, all the time. He is Ariel???s best friend but he can never convince her for anything and is dragged along into all her adventures. He is fun loving but also gets intimidated very easily, and is prone to getting stressed. The only time he shows true courage is when his friend Ariel is in some trouble, otherwise he remains stricken with anxiety. He is very panicky and can be seen rushing back to Ariel most of the time to avoid trouble. He is the only character who supports Ariel with her fascination of the human prince. A very cute and jumpy character, flounder is very popular amongst small children.

6. Nemo, Dori and Marlin

The blockbuster ???Finding Nemo??? showcased these three amazing characters which remained etched on the minds of viewers for long. Nemo is a young, curious and mischievous clown fish who likes to do things his way. His dad Marling is very over protective in nature and always keeps telling his son not to do things, which Nemo finds very irritating. When Nemo gets captured by fishermen, Marlin shows tremendous courage and love for his son and sets out to find him. In his journey, he meets Dori, a very cheerful and talkative fish with a very dim memory. Her character is absolutely contrasting to Marlin, who remains dead serious all the time. She is funny and very friendly towards all. Marlin though despised in the beginning for his attitude, turns out to be a real hero as he braves many dangers to rescue his son whom he loves with all his heart.

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