5 Famous celebs who suffer from bizarre phobias

The brain is a strange and intriguing organ. It not just helps us in accomplishing almost all human tasks but also plays tricks on us. The results of this are phobias. Some individuals have claustrophobia, which means they cannot spend time in small and cramped spaces like an elevator.

Some are afraid of heights and usually the cause behind this is vertigo. Even celebs are not free from phobias. A number of celebs who are shown as brave and bold in the silver screen strangely suffer from weird phobias. Here is a list of celebrities you love who have bizarre phobias.

Matt Damon’s Ophidiophobia

 Matt Damon’s Ophidiophobia

During the shooting of the Movie We Bough a Zoo, Matt Damon’s Ophidiophobia or the extraordinary fear of snakes became apparent. Of course, the fear is not irrational, but according to his co-star, Scarlett Johansson, Matt started crying and rocked back and forth seeing the snakes spread around their set. He was sweating even at seeing the reptiles in their respective cages.

Scarlett Johansson’s Ornithophobia

 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson herself has got an even stranger phobia called Ornithophobia. She is afraid of birds. Whenever she sees or hears birds and their wings flapping she starts feeling panicked. She has admitted that birds unnerve her and in the sets of We Bought Zoo she was quite scared by the peacocks, considered to be one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

Madonna’s Astraphobia/Brontophobia


Image Source : AbcNews

The 57 year old Pop-star can still set the stage on fire and have thousands of crazy fans yet she too has got a phobia. Madonna is scared of lightening and thunderstorms. Though she performs in so much noise and lights she cannot venture out in the night if there is a thunderstorm raging.

Johnny Depp’s Coulrophobia

 Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has put on heavy makeup to completely transform his face for several movies. However, the beloved and disturbingly handsome actor himself is afraid of Clowns. This particular phobia is known as Coulrophobia. The actor has admitted that he feels clowns are covered with too much makeup and give a sense of evil lurking beneath.

Oprah Winfrey’s Chiclephobia

Oprah Winfrey

Image Source : AbcNews

The brilliant talk show host with strong opinions seems to have a serious weakness. She is seriously afraid of chewing gums. This phobia has been termed as Chiclephobia. Her grand-mother was in the habit of storing chewing gums and she hated it. She has gone so far as to ban chewing gums on the entire building where she shoots.

Phobias are mental glitches that can affect any human. The celebrities should not be judged for their strange phobias as they are also humans.

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