5 Reasons it is healthy to let yourself get hungry

Hunger is one of the biggest problems that the world is faced with. However just as a sharp contrast there also exists the problem of obesity which often results from over eating. We are not denying the importance of food; neither are we suggesting any unhealthy habit. But a little bit of hunger can do a world of good to your body and it is definitely worth a try. So in this article we will tell you why you should let yourself get hungry. We do not mean however to lengthen the duration of your hunger to an unhealthy limit. Just the perfect amount of hunger will be good for your health and also good for weight loss.

 What is emotional hunger?

emotional hungerThis is a topic that needs to be addressed before we begin our detailed discussion on the health benefits of being hungry for a while. Emotional hunger is a situation where an individual eats to overcome his emotional demands. For instance, he eats when upset or angry or even happy. This is extremely harmful for the body as the food habits change and so does the pattern of secretion of the two hormones, which the body releases when you are hungry. If you eat among ways to be comfortable then seek help from an eating disorder specialist to know why exactly you are eating to satisfy emotional needs.

Important thing to remember

We are saying that hunger is okay, which it is indeed, but not for all individuals. So before you try out this method to boost your health, make sure that you are not suffering from low blood sugar levels or that you are not hypoglycemic. In such cases it is must for you to eat more regularly than others so that your normal blood sugar levels are maintained.

Some reasons as to why it is healthy to let yourself get hungry

  1. Hunger boosts the secretion of growth hormones:
    Hunger boosts the secretion of growth hormonesThe growth hormones in humans are produced in the pituitary glands and these are instrumental when it comes to the development of a well built healthy body. It even helps the brain function better and is beneficial for the tissues in your body. This process greatly simulates the cellular regeneration and helps in the decrease of body fat.The other benefit of this is that it will prevent wrinkles from appearing on your faces and help you look younger than your age. During time periods such that we have an empty stomach, a hormone called Ghrelin is produced. Not only does it help in growth, it is also a big booster of the brain functioning.If you are not one of those individuals who think hunger is okay, chances are that you are losing out on the important benefits of this hormone. For the best results, we recommend the practice of having your dinner before 8PM. Then do not eat anything before you workout in the next morning and then have a healthy and fulfilling breakfast.
  2. Helps in better digestion: You probably heard that not eating is good for weight loss. This information though is only half true, because firstly you need to eat the right things and also you have to be hungry for just the right time period. We are certain that you have all been hungry and felt the rumbling in your stomach. It isn’t a bad thing as the body shifts some bacteria to the large intestine where they belong, from the small intestine and stomach.This process is only conducted when one is not full so for those who eat too much and too often; they have a greater risk of developing gas, constipation or acidity from the presence of these bacteria in more numbers than usual. Let yourself get hungry so that the food you eat can be better digested by the stomach in a digestive tract free from the bacteria.
  3. Improves blood sugar regulation:
    crave for junk foodThose who crave for junk food get into a bad habit very fast. This is because the food is so rich in salt content and oil content and easy carbohydrates that the body craves for it. But these are also instrumental in affecting one with high blood sugar problems which can later lead to more serious problems. So let yourself get hungry and reap the benefits.
  4. Increases the insulin sensitivity which is helpful in weight reduction: This is a dragger point from what you just read about. The blood sugar levels in our body are linked to the secretion of insulin. The irregular secretion may lead to the Type 2 diabetes which needs to be avoided for a healthy life. Those who manage to stay moderately hungry before their meals manage to keep lower blood sugar levels than their counterparts who were not so hungry but went ahead with the meal anyway. Their blood glucose levels are also found to be in better shape than their hungrier counterparts. Surely this is one more reason to let yourself get hungry before you enjoy every meal.
  5. It makes your meals better and you feel better after consuming it:makes your meals better No it definitely does not make it tastier by any means and you are eating the same food. But studies have shown that the people who have been hungry have a better capacity of eating food that is tasteless yet nutritious. Because they have been hungry the initial urge is to fill their stomach and those who have not been that hungry only eat the tastier and carbohydrate and poor fat rich products. Apart from this individuals also feel better after having a hearty meal after having been hungry for a considerably long period of time.

Final words

If you have gone through this article you know now that hunger is okay. It is just not about filling yourself up whenever you are hungry even the slightest amounts. There are other ways to be comfortable when hunger pangs hit you and you have to win the test of patience to let your body feel the hunger if you want the health benefits associated with it that we just discussed.

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