7 Everyday Habits That Lead to Hair fall


Almost every one of us has suffered from hair fall at least once in our lives. Some of us have understood what causes hair fall and have successfully prevented it, while some of us are still struggling to protect our hair from falling.

Whatever may be the case, we have jotted down a list of the 7 major causes and everyday habits that lead to hair fall. You may be guilty of doing some of all of them due to which you may be facing hair fall issues. The best way to address is to start taking precautions today.

Tight ponytails or braids:

As is common knowledge, very tight hairstyles lead to your hair roots being tugged at unnecessarily, leading to more hair fall. This is the most common one of all everyday habits that lead to hair fall. If you are somebody who occasionally ties their hair into a tight braid or pony, you are doing just fine.

But if you need to go with compact hairstyles every day, try and let your hair a little loose around the roots to give it room to breathe. Otherwise, it is best to tuck it into a bun or let it loose. However, when you hit the bed, your hair needs to be left open, especially if you were wearing a tight hairstyle all day.

Regular heat styling:

Regular heat styling

You may have noticed that regular heat styling is one of the most common causes of hair fall. Your hair tends to fall more with regular styling than occasionally doing it. The reason is that heat makes your hair brittle causing it to become vulnerable to breakage.

Limit your straightening, curling, and blow drying to only once or twice a week. To avoid heat styling from becoming one of the everyday habits that lead to hair fall, it is better to learn how to use heat styling products the right way on your hair. This will minimise the damage caused by it.

Combing wet hair:

Combing wet hairWhen you have just stepped out of the shower, your hair isn’t in the shape to be combed. Wet hair is more prone to breakage than dry hair. For many women, this is the number 1 of all everyday habits that lead to hair fall.

Many women have the habit of combing their wet hair and not realising that it is the root cause of their hair fall issue. If you need to untangle the knots, use a wide-tooth comb, but don’t comb or style your hair just yet.

Little or hazardous personal grooming:

 personal groomingWe are speaking of shampoos, conditions, oils, serums, dyes, and hair styling products. Oil your hair every time before you shampoo and wash your hair not more than thrice every week. Ideally, speaking, you must not be using any of these products on a daily basis on your hair since it is one of the most common causes of hair fall.

However, if you do need to style or wash your hair daily, we’d recommend you do so with high-end quality products. As it is, your hair is being damaged enough with the treatment you are putting it through. Don’t worsen it by using cheap quality, or worse, no hair care products whatsoever.


dietWe all know that diet plays an important role in the good health of our hair. But very few of us know what exactly the diet for better hair is and what we need to eat to improve the quality of our hair. Our diet mostly consists of junk meals.

There is a big dearth of nourishment because many of us even skip our meals, which also forms a huge part of all everyday habits that lead to hair fall. Owing to this, hair fall is bound to rise. Include plenty of green leafy veggies, omega 3 fish oil, and proteins from white meat and eggs in your diet to get rid of hair fall problem in the long run.



If you reside in the urban areas, you sure do know what pollution does to your hair. The stress that comes with day-to-day affairs also takes a toll on the overall health of the body leading to hair fall. Chain smokers and drinkers will have a hard time maintaining their hair health since their system is full of toxic supplies. If you are on some sort of medication, you may face hair fall as a result. These are only some of the reasons to break bad habits by which your lifestyle is bound to influence your hair loss.

Rough pillow covers:

Rough pillow coversYou spend at least 7 hours in your bed each day where your hair is constantly rubbing your pillowcase. Make it a point to invest in a good quality, soft pillowcase so that your hair isn’t tortured all night long. This is the best way to avoid most other everyday habits that lead to hair fall. If not, lay a soft cloth over the pillow and then rest your head on it.

As mentioned before, leave your hair open when you sleep to give it enough rest for the next day and get you a sound sleep too. In addition to this, you need to wash your pillow covers once every week to get rid of the dust and mites accumulated on it, which may lead to further hair loss and damage.

Summing it up:

healthy-hairNow that you know what exactly the cause of your hair fall is, you must make amends to address these issues and break bad habits.

  • Start with eating a healthy diet for better hair, improving your lifestyle, and staying away from junk food.
  • Make sure you use only good quality products on your hair and keep its use to the basic minimum.
  • Always cover your head with a scarf while heading out under the sun and never comb wet hair.

Having said all that, these are only the basic preventive tips you need to take care of to avoid everyday habits that lead to hair fall. You can take a step further by using hair masks to get rid of the hair fall problem altogether.

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