7 Exercises to improve your pull up strength

The Deep Low Row

Pull-ups play an important role in improving upon the size, and strength of your body without actually getting any kind of injury. Experts from the fitness domain call it among the best upper body exercises. They claim that it is hard to find out any alternative to pull-ups.

These exercises are categorized as the original badass move. While there are many ways of showcasing your strength, however, the pull-up exercises remain matchless. It calls for the strengths of body parts like shoulder, arm and back and needless to say that the core of this exercise is strength only.

In case if you have made your mind to nail your body with great strength, then do keep on reading about the best Exercises to improve your pull up strength. Let’s check the 7 of these exercises as under:

1) Start getting strength with Partials

One of the vital Exercises to improve your pull up strength is to try using partials. It helps in adding up the fatigue over the muscles without going through the entire range of motions. With this exercise, you can get your pull-up exercise in a correct form and thus get the firing muscles in return.

Start hanging from the pull-up bar using a standard grip along with keeping the momentum at bay. At the same time allow your chest to go upward to retract and depress the shoulder blades. Now, all you need to do is to bend your elbows that will help your body to move ahead by three inches and now hold the contraction for not more than a second and then relax. You can then repeat the same for around 6-10 times (as per your strength).

This exercise helps in boosting up your inner strength. Your teres and lats muscles should be strong enough to carry out this exercise while putting your body up and down. This exercise gives an excellent momentum to try other best upper body exercises and allow your blood to enter your muscles.

2) Try the Negative Reps – one of the best Exercises to improve your pull up strength

Negative Reps This exercise is good for people who are unable to do the single pull-out exercise. This exercise can help you in busting via the plateau since we know that the eccentric strength is extremely higher than concentric strength. While doing this exercise, you reach out to a point when you are unable to press the weight over the bench using your chest and thus would require a spotter to support the bar up.

Reaching the top position, you now need to reduce the bar gradually since the negative strength stored inside your body will not hamper the exercise. With the help of fast-twitch muscle fibers having negative strength is an essential resource to leverage. The exercise for your pull-up strength is when you get the chance to use the pull-up bar and reach the higher position. For doing this exercise in a correct form, you need to jump up along with bringing up your chin at the bar while you avoid the free-flowing efforts with the right control. Now, you need to start eight sets of negative stunts for around 10 seconds.

3) Hollow Hold

Hollow HoldThis is one of the best exercises to improve your pull up the strength for giving your body the required strength. This exercise helps you in practicing the right pull-up position, which can further engage your back and core strength, but make sure you do not commit the mistake of allowing your hips to move forward while you hang over.

When it comes to laying over the floor, make sure you extend your ears and arms. All you need to do is to lift your legs over the floor along with your arms above your head and at the same time allow yourself to hold in a hollow position.

4) Try the Hanging Hold

This exercise is also one of the best exercises to improve your pull up the strength, which helps in practicing the bottom movement along with adding up the grip strength. This pull-up exercise helps in regulating the control.  Now, let’s check the right way of doing it. Make your shoulder in a relaxed state using a bar and then pull your shoulder towards the ground level and at the same time squeeze away the later inside the reverse shrug.

5) Try Hinged Row

Try Hinged RowThe other popular exercise for your pull-up is to try the bent-over row. For this you need you are needed to use both the hands at the same time, to get the best results. While doing this exercise, make sure you hold the dumbbell correctly. Just bend over it slightly using your knees with a slight bend at the back. Now you need to pull the dumbbells over the chest and slowly and steadily allow the backdown. That’s it!

6) The Deep Low Row

This move will help your body to experience resistance. This will assist in engaging your back while you are trying to pull it. This will even help in enhancing your grip strength while you hold the bar during your entire workout session. The people who are well versed with this exercise often use TRX while for the novices, carrying out the exercise with a bar over the squat rack is a comfortable choice. For holding the TRX handles correctly, you need first to lean back and then walk ahead till you find your body reaching to 45-degree angle. Make sure you also engage your core by making your back (spine) stable and then allow your chest to fall over your hands.

Final Words

Pull-up exercises are the best way to add strength to different parts of your body. And hence the experts rightly claim that one cannot find any alternative to pull-ups exercises as these can give you more in little time provided you remain consistent and committed. The above are some of the effective pull-up exercises that help you in getting the best results. Try them out and share your experiences as well with us to allow people to see inspiration from you!

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