7 Perfectly Romantic Wedding Ideas You Will Fall In Love With

Romantic Wedding Ideas

A wedding is, without a doubt, one of the most special days of your and your partner’s lives. So, it makes sense that you want to make it as memorable and unique as you can. Well, since a wedding is a romantic event, you can include some amazingly romantic (or cheesy) moments in your wedding. Be it as small as decorating the aisle with roses to as big as exchanging your wedding vows in a rare way – romance is a crucial element which should be present during your marriage. If you are out of ideas to have one of the most romantic weddings, read on to find 7 amazing romantic wedding ideas for your special day.

Include the significant dates of your lives in the wedding décor

wedding décor

There is genuinely no better way to reminiscence about your beautiful love story than including elements of it in your wedding such as your wedding hashtags couples. One of the best ways to do this is to include the special dates from your love life into your marriage décor.

For instance, include the significance of various numbers in your life by explaining it underneath the corresponding table number. Your guests may have missed out on your special story – but with this, you can truly make them a part of one of the most special moments of your lives.

Take a date night idea from every guest

This is one of the most romantic wedding ideas which are equal parts cheesy and fun. Ask each and every guest to note down their best night date ideas and place the notes in the date night jar.

Not only will you be showered with unique ideas for your next night date, but also you will be able to go back and reflect on the amazing moments you spent with your loved ones on your special day.

Surround yourself with your loved ones, literally

outdoor weddingOn your wedding day, your innermost desire is to be surrounded by your loved ones and their love for you. One of the best romantic wedding ideas is to translate this desire into reality through architecture.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you can arrange the seating arrangement in such a way that your guests seat in a circle, while you and your partner stand in the middle.

This way, you will actually be surrounded by people whom you love the most and vice-versa. This is a unique touch to your classic wedding idea – one which your guests will appreciate for a long time to come. And you will be the happiest couple on the planet at that moment.

Use a fisherman’s knot for the main ceremony

Tying the knot is one of the most important aspects of a marriage ceremony. It is also one of the most romantic rituals of your special day. So, it makes sense to turn this ritual more meaningful and memorable.

To do this, try to replace the candles or sand with a fisherman’s knot. This is known as one of the strongest knots in the world. It only turns stronger when you apply more pressure – just like a marriage bond – that strengthens under pressure.

A fisherman’s knot will act as one of the most meaningful symbol of your everlasting wedding. Plus, this will serve as a physical memory of one of the most special moments of your lives.

You can also revisit the knot time and again to remember just how strong the relationship between you and your spouse is. Just go for one of the most romantic wedding ideas – opt for a fisherman’s knot for the unity ceremony.

Display your relationship timeline on a chalkboard

relationship timeline on a chalkboardAs mentioned earlier, not all guests will be aware about your rare and beautiful love story. Many guests would want to know how you met your life partner. A sweet way to go about this is by displaying your relationship timeline on a chalkboard.

Don’t just invite your guests to your wedding. Make them a special part of your special day. By displaying your relationship timeline, not only will you be able to actually involve your guests in your precious moments, but also get to relive those past memories which you spent with your spouse.

A wedding is all about looking back at the good moments and hoping for the better ones. Turn this day into an extraordinary one by including one of the most romantic wedding ideas.

Go for the ‘ring for a kiss’ bell idea

There is indeed nothing more romantic than a sweet kiss. And at a wedding, a kiss is the final thing to seal the deal. Everyone present at the wedding waits with baited breath for this amazing moment of the union of two souls. So, one of the most romantic wedding ideas is to kiss as much as possible.

Go for the ‘ring for a kiss’ bell at your wedding. The idea is that everytime someone rings a bell, you and your spouse have to kiss each other.

If you are one of those hopelessly romantic individuals, then this idea will truly work like a miracle for you. And your guests will have a gala time ringing the bell time and again.

Opt for a ring warming ceremony

ring warming ceremonyOne of the most romantic wedding ideas, which are also unique to the core, is this ring warming ceremony. Any marrying couple genuinely wishes for the love, warmth and blessing of their loved ones before they embark on a new journey. A ring warming ceremony helps you achieve just that.

Before you exchange the rings, pass them on to your guests. They will then take turns to whisper positive and hopeful blessings and wishes for you and your spouse.

Lastly, when the rings come back to you, they will be imbued with genuine love, warmth, and genuine blessing from each and every guest present.

Truly, there is no better way to start a new life except garnering as many positive vibes as possible. Include these romantic wedding ideas in your special day and enjoy every moment of it with your loved ones.

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