A look at Forbes Global 2000 List and major players taking the top positions

Forbes has released its annual list of top two thousand public companies in the world. Chinese firms make the top three places and fifty-four Indian companies included in the list with Reliance Industries at the top of the Indian companies. This list is prepared taking into consideration their profits, market value, revenue and assets.

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Statistics from the Global 2000 List

As mentioned earlier, top 3 in this list are Chinese firms with five out of the top ten also Chinese companies. The most dominant country in the list is USA with 564 companies making it into the list and second in the list is Japan with 225 firms. In total, the list has sixty-two countries while in 2003 there were only 46 countries, which were part of this list. Together these 200 companies earned revenue amounting to $38 trillion, employ about ninety million people and have assets of around $161 trillion.


Companies in Top 10

If we look at top of the list, we find that Chinese bank ICBC is at first position, with China Construction Bank on second and Agricultural bank in third position. In the top ten, there is another bank, namely, Bank of China in ninth position in the list. Other companies in top 10 include US companies such as Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway.


Changes in Global Business Environment

The list is a very good indicator of changes in global business environment and helps to monitor progress made by various companies from all around the world. This year the new entrants in the list have been Togo, Mauritius and Slovakia. From the time this global list was first published in 2003, at lot has changed, power dynamics are now shifting from West to Asian countries with 674 companies from Asian making it to the global list while North America and Europe had 629 and 506 companies representing them in the list.

Other regions have also seen good growth in the last 10 years with Middle East as well as South and Central America achieving growth rates of 265% and 76%. Africa is still lagging behind with only five companies making it to the list this year. If you go through the list, you will find some of the big names in world being part of this list ranging from Apple to Wal-Mart, Fannie Mae, Microsoft, Google and Freddie Mac.

Thus, we will conclude here by saying that this global 2000 list released by Forbes is a good indicator of how the leading companies of the world are performing.

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