A rising trend in China: Homeschooling

Mothers in China seem to have lost their faith in Chinese schools. Many mothers have started homeschooling their children after being disappointed by the orthodox education system of the nation. There have been many cases of child abuse in the schools recently which have put fear in the hearts of parents. A current survey shows that a staggering number of parents have shown interest in homeschooling their kids. Among the 18,000 worried parents around 2,000 have already started teaching their kids at home. The survey has been done on the basis of information from homeschooling websites like Tencent.com.


The traditional Chinese schools have failed to keep pace with changing needs of parents and students. The education system is full of exams which put a lot of stress on the minds of pupils but teach them very little. In today’s world the Chinese education system is not recommendable for overall development of kids. The Chinese parents who have started homeschooling their kids think that the way kids are taught in school is primitive and torturous. The average classrooms cannot provide kids a good learning experience and though tutors teach slowly, students are pressurized to achieve a lot.

The kindergartens in china have been compared with jails. Little kids are mentally traumatized and physically tortured at many of them regularly. To curb their own work load the teachers lock kids up in class rooms even during recess hour. Corporal punishment is given randomly in the name of disciplining the minors. Private tutors are teaching kids in exchange of around $9,800 for a year. Some teachers also offer accommodation to their students at higher charges.


The number of parents who are ready to send their kids back to school for graduation is steadily decreasing. Only one third of the parents who support homeschooling want their kids to study at the Mainland China University after passing Gaokao, the university level entrance eligibility test. 41% parents have decided that after their kids have reached a certain level of education they will send them abroad for finishing studies. Guangdong, Zhejiang and Beijing are the main provinces where parents are opting for homeschooling as an educational remedy. A huge number of kids attend alternative schools such as Waldorf and religious schools. Private teachers are enjoying their new found career and parents are hopeful that their kids will pass SAT exam for studying in America.

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