All that glitters is not gold – story about cricket cheerleaders

Cheerleaders have become an interesting and exciting part of the Indian Premier League. The cricket fans get another reason to get excited while watching the matches. Fancy moves and skimpy dresses of cheerleaders have been the center of attraction and controversy.


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The cheerleaders are most talked about attraction or rather distraction in the IPL. By many, it is assumed that the cheerleaders too, make a fortune during the IPL season. Unfortunately, the reality of the matter is quite different. A cheerleader earned an average $84 per match in the last season. This season the amount has been hiked to $100 per match for an individual. Not all the teams pay equally, this is the remuneration given by the best teams.

Earlier, the cheerleaders made some extra money in the after parties. After a series of controversies, the after parties have been banned from the IPL scenario. The cheerleaders are now just depended on what they earn dancing and cheering per match.


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With the brand value soaring to the tune of US$7.2 billion, there seems to be a lot of money flowing in the Indian Premier League. Nobody could imagine the huge success of the league at the time of its inception in 2008. The Twenty20 tournaments changed the way the world-experienced cricket. Tewnty20 or T20 cricket emerged in 2003 in the United Kingdom and has become increasingly popular over the years.

All know the glamour and money involved in the Indian Premier League, the story of Chris Morris is close to unbelievable. The initial price for Morris was set to $20,000 and he was amazed to see the bids growing, which finally reached to a whopping $625,000. “I have never in my life seen this much money”, said Morris.

Cheerleaders have been surrounded by controversy many times. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), is also of the opinion and has taken steps to avoid any sort of controversy. They have come up with ways to cut short the interaction between the IPL players and the cheerleaders. Before, the cheerleading girls and the players travelled in the same flight and stayed in the same hotels. The practice no more continues and the decision to ban the after parties in the IPL has changed the scenario.


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Gabriella Pasqualotto, a 22-year-old cheerleader from South Africa, blogged about the ‘loose’ and ‘mischievous’ character of some cricketers in the after parties. The Indian premier league officials deported her back to South Africa after receiving a complaint from a cricketer about her blogging.

The cheerleaders add to the entertainment value of cricket, on the other hand a majority of the members of the BCCI believe that they want to keep cricket in focus and not the cheerleaders. There was a talk about banning the cheerleaders completely from the IPL, the cheerleaders have been lucky enough to be able to continue.

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