Amazon all set to enter packed Smartphone market

Last month, news appeared in The Wall Street Journal that Amazon is set to release its Smartphone on June 18. Since then, many speculations are doing the rounds, as numerous analysts and technology bloggers are desperate to find out the product specs. Then some leaked images went viral that added to the Amazon Smartphone speculations. Following those images, finally first teaser of the phone appeared along with the release date.


Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, had given some hints to media about their upcoming Smartphone in an event. Since then numerous critics and analysts have been giving their views on Amazon’s entry to the already crowded Smartphone market.

Chief mobile analyst working with Compass Intelligence, Gerry Purdy thinks that Amazon will definitely top the list of Smartphone brands soon. According to him, the vast customer base, great market influence, and the capability to sell products at low profit margins are the features that give Amazon an edge over many other and these will help it to make a reputable space in the Smartphone market as well.

Coming to the expected features of Smartphone, some reports have revealed that the phone would have 3D technology, which is going to be a major difference in comparison to its rivals. Bezos has distributed copies of his favorite childhood book to all the journalists present in the event. The book was, “Mr. Pine’s Purple House,” which is a story of a house that stands from the rest of the houses. Many analysts have also interpreted this gesture of Bezos. They believe that Bezos wanted to convey that like the house stands out from the rest, likewise his Smartphone is also going to stand out from numerous available in the market owing to its special features.


Another analyst believes that Amazon has no interest in taking place of Apple or Samsung in the Smartphone market; rather it simply desires to keep customers more engaged. It wants to achieve a reputation of being the only Smartphone people may think of buying.

However, some analysts believe it is going to be a daunting task for Amazon to secure trust of Smartphone users, as already there are such astounding Smartphone companies dominating the market worldwide. Customers are Android and iOS friendly, and taking them out of their comfort zone holds equal chances of failure and success.

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