Amazon Prime Video Comes to India: Here are Some Shows You Could Watch

Amazon Prime Video, a subscription based online on demand video service run and operated by is finally here in India. By subscribing at a fee of INR 499 per year anyone can get access to around 15,000 movies and TV shows live streamed to smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs. To etch a niche for itself and beat well known competitors like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is offering high dynamic range content in brighter colors, better pixel density and more clarity of light and shadow. Just a month has passed since Amazon Prime Video got launched into 200 countries around the world and it has already become a rage due to fresh and exclusive content. Amazon has signed licensing deals with HBO and other content owners for providing its subscribers with the latest best. As of now the best shows running on Amazon Prime Videos, waiting to be streamed into your smartphone are listed here.

The Grand Tour

After leaving the BBC series Top Gear, the quadrate of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and Andy Wilman have come together once more for their grand venture The Grand Tour. Soon after its launch on 18th November 2016 it became the most watched premier show on Amazon Prime Videos. It features a test track named after the Ebola virus, Eboladrome. The cars in this show are tested by NASCAR driver Mike Skinner. The first car tested on the show was 2016 BMW M2. High end dream cars, crisp car news discussed by Clarkson, Hammond and May and running gags make the show a must watch for all car lovers.

The Man in the High Castle

The reel version of Philip K Dick’s book by the same name, The Man in the High Castle is the ideal choice for those who love to binge on thrilling TV series. It takes us back to 1962 and presents an alternate reality when Nazis and Japanese have won the World War II taking over America. The shadowy lead of this series is referred to as The Man in the High Castle who collects newsreels that shows that allies have won against Nazis. A power struggle brews at the question of who will be the Nazi leader when Hitler finally steps down due to his Parkinson’s disease. Highly ambitious and brooding with imposing questions, The Man in the High Castle should be in your must watch list for many reasons.

Flesh and Bone

A unique take on the ruthlessness, complexities and glamour of the ballet world, the Flesh and Bones is a mini-series created by Moira Walley-Beckett. Paul Grayson, the director of American Ballet Company is trying to take his institute to the level of best artistic institutions of the world with the help of Claire Robbins a talented ballet dancer with a shady past. There are much morbidity and complex emotions to keep you going till you have watched the whole series.

Mr. Robot

An American drama thriller created by Sam Esmail, starring Rami Malek, Mr. Robot is the story of cyber security engineer Elliot Anderson who is a talented hacker. The story takes its first turn when Elliot is hired by an anarchist known as Mr. Robot into his group of hacktivist. The aim of this group is to delete all accounts of debts by hacking into the database of a mega-corporation named E Corp.


Seinfeld needs no introduction as it has won millions of hearts already. Just like a classic no one can get bored of watching this comedy series. It captures the life and times of Jerry Seinfeld and his close friends who jump from one misadventure to another, splitting our bellies into laughter.

The Girlfriend Experience

An unsettling yet riveting series, The Girlfriend Experience shows law school student Christine Reade’s journey as a high end escort. She provides GFE service which includes emotional and sexual relationships for exchange of money.

Amazon Prime Videos promises to bring forth more satisfying and exciting range of shows specially those it creates. However, the self censorship policy of blurred nudity may make its popularity suffer because the young binge watchers are not used to internet censorship.

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