Amazon’s much awaited Online Marketplace opens in India

Global retail giant Inc. has finally launched its online marketplace in India. The launch was not preceded by any formal announcement though and came as a pleasant surprise for Indian buyers.


Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, offering a platform for third party sellers to sell their products/services directly to customers. Although Indian buyers were quite interested in buying from, which had competitive pricing when compared to other e-retailers, the shipping charges came as a burden as goods had to be shipped all the way from the US. Thankfully, the new online marketplace launched in India by the firm would cut down these costs, thereby offering buyers a chance to purchase their favorite goods for very cheap prices.

Amazon’s entry into India and the launch of its new online marketplace for Indian audiences would also increase the pressure on local retailers like Flipkart and Snapdeal, which would need to come up with some immediate strategies if they hope to retain their customers as well as their share of the market.

Currently, Amazon offers plenty of discounts and offers with the option of a third party between buyer and seller being completely sidelined. This way, the goods and products offered by Amazon would be far cheaper than other ecommerce websites.


However, it would take some time for Amazon India to settle down. At present, the website offers over 7 million books as well as 10000+ titles from movies and TV shows. A separate section has the message ‘Coming Soon’ and is reserved for products like cameras and mobiles, etc. The firm has already established a fulfillment center spanning 150K square area in Mumbai in order to dispatch and ship orders. It has also signed contracts with over 100 vendors across India.

Considering Amazon’s brand value and trustworthiness, one can expect the firm to give stiff competition to local retailers. The firm would easily get tons of orders on a daily basis, with many users first checking its website before moving onto other ecommerce websites. With all these statistics, Amazon Inc. is set to redefine the ecommerce industry in India.

Amazon has finally launched its online marketplace in India. Amazon has set foot on Indian soil is looking good to give a tough competition to local retailers, such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, Junglee, etc. The firm’s trustworthiness and brand value would make it a sure shot winner with Indian buyers for sure. In addition, its popularity would help the firm redefine the ecommerce industry in India for sure.

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