The best eco resorts in India

Amidst luxury tented accommodations and edifices, the concept of eco friendly tourism has been gaining strength enormously. So, whether it’s about hanging loose and unwinding from everyday’s chaos or seeking rejuvenation for sometime from hustling activities, eco friendly home-stays might sound just the perfect option. In fact, most of them offer unique local activities that you won’t really find anywhere else. Thus, to ensure your vacation goes thoroughly vitalizing and fun-filled, we have picked up some of the best eco resorts in India. As we said, there’s a lot more than one could gain an insight of. Take a look.

Annapara, Wayanad, Kerala

Indeed a true holiday away from the city, Annapara, Wayanad in Kerala surrounds itself with nature’s beauty and soothing environment for an incredible sojourn. Derived from the meaning of elephant rock, the guest house features only 5 rooms that render a beautiful 360 degree view of hills and valleys. Aesthetically pleasant, the resort provides travelers with an opportunity to visit ancient Eddakal Caves, which are renowned worldwide for their pre-historic carvings and paintings.

Eco features

The simple yet appealing eco friendly Annapara has a heart for the environment in its truest form. The resort has impressively invested in compositing, recycle wastes, and generates its own electricity. It even has its water sourced from natural springs, employs local services and labor, and utilizes minimal plastic.

Banasura Hill Resort, Kerala

Situated at an altitude of 3500 feet above the sea level, Banasura Hill Resort in Kerala literally takes people to an unexplored, spectacular voyage with nature’s beauty at its best. Surrounded by the hills of Wayanad in the Malabar region, this eco resort stands amazingly distinguished for its unique construction of recycled wood and mud, where natural light is exploited beautifully. Claimed to be Asia’s largest ‘Earth’ resort, Banasura rests on a 35 acre farm in the middle of a forest. Augmenting the beauty is its exotic flora and fauna.

Eco features

The greenest destination in the Nilgiris biosphere, Banasura Hill Resort incorporates a bio-gas that efficiently recycles organic waste. Built from pure mud and recycled wood for environmental sustainability, this beautiful place is also lit by CFL lamps to trim down the energy consumption.

Yoga Magic, Goa

If your are searching up and down for complete tranquility, Yoga Magic Resort is the perfect place to halt by. Located in Goa, the strikingly eco friendly abode does not welcome you with rooms but interestingly with environmentally carved lodges. Surrounded by a magical atmosphere, the resort infuses unprecedented relaxation and rejuvenation with its simple yet refreshing layout. Shadowed by coconut palms, Yoga Magic also gives a beautiful view of rice paddy fields.

Eco features

Tented in its form, the resort has ensured utmost eco friendliness with its natural compositing toilets and waste management system, utilizing effective micro organisms. Integrated with solar halogen lighting, the place further heats water by solar energy and boasts of its construction including wood, jute, mud, stone, clay, cow dung, bamboo and palm leaves.

Dune Eco Beach Village, Pondicherry

Designed to cater visitors who need comfort with nature’s beauty all around, the thematic Dune Eco Beach Village is a perfect long stay destination. Stretched across more than 35 acres, the eco friendly resort not only intrigues with its statuesque fabrication, but with its pure reflection of nature and harmony.

Eco features

Situated on the Coramandel coast of Tamil Nadu, the rejuvenating Dune has its own waste water treatment plant and maintains its own organic farm.

Our Native Village, Bangalore

Aimed at rendering a pure feel of unadulterated village, Our Native Village Resort touts to be the most soothing destination in India, owing to its diversified range of activities. Deep rooted in the grace of Bangalore, the resort allows you to indulge in unique village activities such as organic farming, cow milking, bicycle riding, kite flying and bullock cart rides.

Eco features

Beautifully conceptualized for people who seek environment’s true beauty and supreme rejuvenation, the destination generates its own electricity from a solar power plant and a wind-mill. Built using local eco-friendly material, the dwelling also has two bio-gas plants which are fed with an assortment of food waste, chicken waste and de-oiled cakes.

Coconut Lagoon, Kerala Backwaters

A wonderful escape from the world, Coconut Lagoon mesmerizes with its beautiful capture of Kerala. The most wonderful highlight, however, is that you can access the striking resort only by a boat. Covered by greenery all around, the eco friendly place commendably seizes the glorious beauty of Kerala.

Eco features

Perfect destination for anyone looking for nature and soothing time, Coconut Lagoon maintains environmental sustainability with its own compositing, recycling and organic farming. The resort also has its own sewage treatment and waste water recycling.

Wildernest Nature Resort, Goa

Stretched across more than 450 acres of forest land in Goa, the wonderfully set Wildernest Nature Resort ascertains tranquility in abundance. Aesthetically designed, the serene resort incorporates tilted floor inside, wood paneling with 16 eco friendly cottages. At Wildernest, you can seamlessly indulge in village excursions, nature walks, folk dances and bonfires.

Eco features

Made using eco-friendly material, this holiday spot operates conservation programs and has been enclosed with wood paneling. There’s a rustic style as well that adds up to its nature friendliness.

Orchid EcoTel, Delhi/Mumbai

Another resort that could be ideal for your voyage with nature’s beauty hatched along is Orchid EcoTel, Delhi/Mumbai. Located in the heart of India’s busiest metros, the environmental friendly 5 star hotel not only enhances the guest experience, but also takes a complete environmental responsibility. This luxurious place has beautiful furniture and layout according to the visitors taste.

Eco features

Enshrouded in an energy conserving design, the hotel benefits from active water and utilizes vermin-culture to reduce waste.

Mountain Trail, Mukteshwar

An idyllic destination to rejuvenate your senses, Mountain Trail, Mukteshwar offers a serene view of Himalayas, breathtaking sunrise and deep valleys. Stationed on a gentle hill slope, the vacation spot revolves around flower beds of more than 70 varieties of flowers and 2.5 acre orchard of over 100 fruit trees.

Eco features

In terms of green features, Mountain Trail has an organic garden and employs local labor and services. Visitors may also feast their eyes upon the naturally sourced water, chemical free premises and recycled waste method.

Shergarh Tented Camp, Kanha National Park

Shergarh revamps your eco friendly journey by letting you stay in exclusive tented accommodations on the fringe of Kanha National Park. The place offers six spacious tents, each with an attached bathroom, large front porch and hot water facility.

Eco features

The tourism place not only ensures to trim down the plastic usage, but also reduces waste in a significant manner. The experience further turns truly authentic as meals get prepared with home-grown vegetables.

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