Bindi brings back Steve Irwin

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Like father, like daughter. ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin may be a fearless crusader, but his eight year old daughter Bindi Irwin is a spitfire too.

The Discovery Kids Channel announced that Bindi will launch her own TV series in June, with her father appearing in some of the episodes.

The 26 part cable show – named Bindi: The Jungle Girl – is aimed at getting youngsters excited about wildlife conservation.

Discovery Kids Channel said the new series features the exuberant khaki-clad Bindi introducing viewers to the world of wildlife from her tree house high up in the rain forest, with cameo roles by both parents.

The night before the show’s premier, Bindi will appear on sister network Animal Planet on the show ‘My Daddy The Croc Hunter.’ Here, Bindi with help from her mom hosts her first special.

Critics have accused Terri Irwin of rushing little Bindi into show business, saying that the 8 year old is ill-equipped to handle the pressures. In the nine months since Steve Irwin’s death, Bindi has hardly been out of the public spotlight.

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