Bissinger Spa Chocolate: A toast to taste and health

56467457ghghA few days back I had written a post on ChocoMed, which aimed to give you a young look, a stress-free life, shake-off pre-natal depression, strengthen your bones, and giving you sweet dreams. Bissinger has launched Spa Chocolate keeping a similar thing for your health. The goodness of cocoa, green tea, black sesame, walnut and sunflower will reduce heart diseases, cancer risks, body weight and ageing. The chocolates are nutritious and packed with potassium, essential fatty acids, iron, magnesium, calcium and antioxidants.

Every Spa chocolate has its respective quality, to fight with diseases. Chocolate has become an oxymoron now, the food product that is still considered unhealthy for several reasons are now considered a yummy health food for the same reasons. As more and more focus is given on the manufacture of healthy foods, the food industry is either formulating healthy products or adding healthy substitutes for unhealthy ones.

So, do not think much, it is a healthy chocolate so there is no harm in placing your order for the specific spa chocolates for your specific health needs…dealing two things at a time – yummy food and nutrition.

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