Adzharian style beans

Thanks Hecate blogger for this unique Adzharian style beans. beans tossedThe ingredients used in this recipe speak of its Middle East origin. While the saffron used in the yoghurt sauce is optional, using it would not only enhance the aroma but also the color and taste of the beans. The only ingredient I am apprehensive about is tarragon. Tarragon can dominate the flavors of all other herbs. Moreover, mint and coriander pairing is enough to give a strong herbal flavor.
However, as the yoghurt sauce is poured after sauteing the beans in herbs, it would definitely make a balance. The presence of shallots in the saute and sugar in the yoghurt sauce will add to the sweetness of the beans. While the Adzharians have a separate food pairing for the beans, it is recommended to add tarragon vinegar instead of tarragon herbs while cooking to balance the sweet and sour flavors

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