BJP to transform Independence Day into publicity vehicle with directives to states

The Narendra Modi led NDA government is all set to transform Independence Day, and has issues directives to all the states, asking them to consider the seriousness of the day and celebrate it accordingly.

 Modi to address his own gathering of followers

One would remember how Modi decided to address his own gathering of followers on Independence Day in 2013. So while the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressed the nation, Modi took it upon himself to address the nation as well just like a Chief Minister would, having no qualms as he lambasted the Congress as well as the Nehru-Gandhi family apart.

Modi’s timing could not have been perfect. A speech on Independence Day would definitely make the necessary impact. It helped Modi gain the political clout he needed to lead his party to power in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections. While critics slammed Modi’s move to challenge the former government on the Independence Day, his followers believe that they need to highlight failures of the incumbent government. And what better occasion than Independence Day, when the entire nation would be glued to the proceedings that took place in the nation’s capital?

Here is Modi’s turn to take the dais at the Red Fort, unfurl the Indian flag and address the nation that gave him his landslide victory against the Congress. The prime minister has revealed that he would want the occasion to be celebrated with the seriousness it deserves.

The Home Ministry has reportedly send directives to all the state chief secretaries, explaining how Independence Day would need to be celebrated along the central, state, district and village levels. Strong emphasis has been given to the Independence Day speech, which the directives explain, should indicate the significance of August 15 as well as encourage the audience to work towards national unity and integrity.

 Modi’s country first- everything later stand

This move considered to be in lieu with Modi’s ‘country first- everything later’ stand with relation to politics and governance. It can also be considered as the party’s consistent attempt to project itself as a nationalistic government so that it can recreate the magic of the Lok Sabha elections. It can also be considered to be in lieu with Modi’s ‘country first- everything later’ stand with relation to politics and governance.

So far, the NDA government has not done anything that would affect its chances of victory in the state polls. Modi also seems to be tackling issues pertaining to price rise, high inflation and communal violence to consider taking any decisions on the racial front. The BJP also does not have a stronghold in the states that are going to the polls in the coming months (Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, etc.). Therefore, there is no doubt that the BJP would transform Independence Day into a giant publicity machine from which it can gain maximum

The BJP led NDA government has issued directives across the nation to indicate how Independence Day should be celebrated in the states, districts and even villages. This move by the BJP has been considered by many as a publicity stunt to help the party project itself as a nationalistic country and gain more followers before the upcoming state elections.

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