How to look like Bohemian chic Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Considered as one of the most fashionable and hottest celebrities to set the fashion scene on fire, Sienna Miller has brought a new revolution with her trendsetting techniques using the Bohemian style. She always looks great in any outfit designed in a Bohemian style. You need to keep in mind that the basics of her fabulous looks and her style with which she has won so many hearts are quite simple and can be easily added to your own style statement.

In order to look like Sienna Miller, you got to have a body like her. No need to worry! You will be happy to know that Sienna has very little interest in exercise and she believes in eating what she wants. So, you need not go to the gym in order to shape up like her. You just got to walk your dogs because this is how Sienna keeps herself fit. Dog walking is a good cardio exercise and burns a considerable amount of calories in a typical person. So, from next time, go to the park with your dogs instead of going to the gym.

Coming to hair and makeup, you got to keep both of these to a minimum. Sienna loves to keep her makeup very natural with just a little pinkish lip gloss and mascara to enhance her eyes. Sienna often ties her hair back loosely in a scarf and that allows for her true natural beauty to shine through. So, keep your makeup and hair natural.

You must be thinking what you should be wearing in order to look like Sienna. Remember, Sienna loves wearing her favorite items of clothing over and over again and she accessorizes each of her outfits perfectly. When you are going for shopping, buy long flowing prairie skirts along with denim minis, gray drainpipe jeans and ruffled tops. You can pair these with gray tie boots or black ballet flats. In order to accessorize, look for oversized sunglasses as it is one of Sienna’s favorites. Now, to complete your Boho style look, include a few long beaded necklaces or add a skinny knit scarf. That’s it!

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