Follow the Angelina Joile dress style; some tips

Angelina Jolie

Born on June 4, 1975, Angelina Jolie is a famous Hollywood actress known for her outstanding performances in Tomb Raider, Mr and Mrs Smith, and A Mighty Heart. She is also a noted humanitarian and plays the role of a Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Celeb Style:

In spite of playing so many roles and constantly juggling between her family and career, the actress never fails to look stunningly gorgeous and sexy. Being elegant and chic comes to her as an effortless charm and she manages to do it with a lot of simplicity too. Angelina manages both her glamorous and formal roles well by being simple yet sophisticated. She flaunts a minimalist style without loud makeup or a fancy hairdo. She is considered as an icon of beauty and many strive to follow her style.

If you want to feel as stunning as this beautiful actress, follow these tips to dress like her and you may be close to her style:

1. Opt for solid colors instead of bright printed patterns: Dress in more solid colors like black and white and not in flashy patterns. Angelina is usually seen in solid colors. She avoids bold prints and patterns and is also rarely seen wearing bright colors. Instead she usually favors black and white. Her general color pattern is wearing basic blacks and whites for a casual event or even to walk down the red carpet. These carefully chosen colors make her look elegant and not gaudy.

2. Fill your closet with a lot of basic tops: Angelina is often seen in tank tops and small T-shirts. These tops help her enhance her very well toned and slim arms too. You too can try these.

3. Wear flats instead of heels: Blessed with a decent height, Angelina opts for flat boots and shoes on a casual day. Though for red carpet events, she is seen flaunting in sexy heels, she likes to keep it casual and comfortable with simple shoes otherwise. Try to look casual and elegant by giving up high stylish heels and opting for flats or shoes.

4. Go for slim fit and skinny pants: Angelina is blessed with beautiful long and skinny legs which accentuate her long and lean figure. To add more elegance to her stature, skinny pants come to her aid. They not only make her legs look leaner but also give her whole figure a much more toned frame.

5. Buy some thin pencil skirts: To further make her long and lean figure look amazing, Angelina wears a lot of pencil skirts. Just like narrow pants, pencil skirts also make the body look slimmer. In fact they also create a virtual image of a small waistline and accentuate her large bust.

6. Wear halter and strapless dresses: To look simple and sophisticated, Angelina opts for halter and strapless dresses which also accentuate her lean and toned arms and the cleavage. You too can try these but make sure these dresses are in simple solid colors like black and white, just as Angelina likes them.

7. Wear basic jewelry: The secret behind Angelina’s beauty is also in the jewellery she wears. The beautiful actress is either seen in very simple or no jewelry at all. Her look is hence very minimalist which adds to her charms. She never overdoes it or wears something flashy, but rather is seen in a simple chain necklace, bracelet, and stud earrings.

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