Bollywood actresses who gained fame and notoriety by going topless

Bollywood seems to be in a sprinted mode to merge its identity with Hollywood. This may not be so much in the technical sphere, but to keep with the trends of incorporating carnality in its domains, it really seems to be working out. The hitherto timid and shy Indian actress cooing in her wholesome Indianness is today getting bold and taking on the world almost in a rampage with hot and bold scenes. They are going topless. Here let us have a look at some of them-

1)      Narghis Fakri

Narghis Fakri

Image Source : Ste.India.Com

This Bollywood actress set the forests in flames with her topless photo shoot for Kingfisher’s calendar in 2014. Like a nymph, she is seen showing off her bare self, wearing nothing but lingerie, with a swathe of hair falling down on her bosom. The background is a lovely tropical forest where she seems to be either lost or on a lookout for something or someone.

2)      Paoli Dam

Paoli Dam

Image Source : IndianExpress.Com

This small-time Bollywood actress from Bengal film industry has made many eyes roll with her sexually bold scenes in the film Hate Story. The film released in 2012 is categorized as an erotic thriller. The film has a series of nude sex scenes. Even the posters of the film show a topless Paoli sitting on the lap of a man whose face is covered by her torso with the back facing the viewer.

3)      Kareena Kapur Khan

Kareena Kapur Khan

Image Source : Ste.India.Com

Kareena Kapoor posed for a few bold poster shootouts in Saif Ali Khan starrer 2009 film Kurbaan. The film is itself replete with several amorphous scenes that virtually gagged the traditionalists.

4)      Sunny Leone


Image Source : I.NdTvImg.Com

When Sunny Leone chose to show off her assets in a more veiled manner, it did rage a controversy for she is one of the top charted pornographic film actresses in the world. She was posing for her film Ragini MMS 2 (2014) sitting crouched on the floor and staring straight at the camera – her folded legs hiding her bosom.

5)      Neha Dupia


Neha Dupia

Image Source : Ste.India.Com

The ever-steaming actress Neha Dupia went piping hot with her film Julie. The contents of the films were later to reveal a series of bold scenes. But even before the launch of the film, it was her bold portrayal for the poster of the film that raised many a cudgels. The poster shows a sleeping Dhupia lying on bed naked with nothing but a pink sheet thrown carelessly across her buttocks and lining her body just sufficient to cover her bosom.

These actresses are just the trendsetters as there are more of them lining the corridors of Bollywood, where the traditional walls against nudity seem crumbling.

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