Bollywood movie ‘Youngistaan’ failed to make a mark

Director:  Sayed Ahmad Afzal

Star Cast: Jackky Bhagnani, Neha Sharma, Boman Irani, Farooq Shaikh.

Rating: 2.5/5


With Indian Politics as a major backdrop, “Youngistaan” is a debut film of filmmaker Sayed Ahmad Afzal. The story revolves around the lead Abhimanyu Kaul (Jackky) who lives in Japan with his girlfriend Anvita (Neha) and makes video games as a source of income. The target audience of this film is the youth of our nation.

Soon a sea change comes in his life with his father’s (played by Boman Irani) demise, who happens to be the prime minister of India. Following the demise, Abhimanyu becomes the youngest Prime Minister. With a young framework of mind, Abhimanyu implements most policies keeping the youth of the nation in mind.


However, this new responsibility takes a toll on his relationship with Anvita. Media exaggerates his live-in relationship with his partner, and this brings a tiff between the couple. Anvita is mostly seen throwing tantrums as with Abhimanyu’s becoming a PM; she could no longer enjoy a normal life. The movie is a hyped up political drama with more of romantic inclination. It focuses more on the personal life of the prime minister instead of his professional life.

Youngistaan is a lighthearted film, whose political plot is somewhat based on the 2001 film Nayak, where Anil Kapoor becomes the Chief Minister for one day. This is one of Jackky Bhagnani’s finest performances so far. The female lead actor Neha Sharma however is not convincing. Best performance is by the veteran actor Farooq Shaikh who passed away after shooting Youngistaan. He plays the secretary to the Prime Minister.


Overall, Youngistaan failed to achieve soul-stirring quality so essential in a film of this kind. The farfetched drama is what made the film unpalatable for the audience. It rather failed to make its mark. The production quality of Youngistaan is fine. Jeet Ganguly and some other music directors have given some melodious tracks that definitely add value.

Youngistaan could have definitely left an impression if the writing was not so ground level and if the two main leads could have acted better. Neha Sharma’s character is nothing more than a mere cribbing female. The late Farooq Shaikh is the only one who leaves an impression. The bottom line is that a good lot of potential has been wasted.

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