Boris Yeltsin: The Legend is at peace but the controversies still slither

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The world was on the brink of going MAD (Mutually Agreed Destruction) but one man stood tall and nullified any threats of a nuclear war. Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin the man is now at peace but he unquestionably gave the world a thousand reasons to beam.

The legendary Russian politician passed away at the age of 76, leaving behind controversies regarding the efficacy of the transition brought about by him, very much evocative of the controversies that subsisted when he resigned in an unanticipated manner on the New Years Eve back in 1999.

These controversies though are constrained to the domains of Russia only for his fellowmen believe that he made them familiar with the hideous side of social equality, hurling people into poverty beyond mind’s eye, quashing the promises that came with the conception of the democratic structure.

The world saw Yeltsin as a different persona, who established affirmative associations with numerous countries, which in the Mikhail Gorbachev era were seemingly unfeasible but this man twisted the surge making Russia more acceptable to the world.

He drew great respect from the global community that made many people hail him on his demise.

Tony Blair said :

He was a remarkable man who saw the need for democratic and economic reform and, in defending it, he played a vital role at a crucial time in Russia’s history.

Mar Yeltsin’s former Prime minister, Viktor Chernomyrdin, mentioned :

The democratic and economic foundations he laid are irreversible. There is no way back. This was his main service to Russia.

Yeltsin, the Father of Russian Democracy

The Rising of Boris Yeltsin could be attributed to his achievements on the global front for his country was only a stepping-stone and the establishment of democracy was his only laudable saga and what followed was criticism, courtesy of the virgin democracy.

A New Russia altogether

On the Global front, he did something, which under those prevailing circumstances no other leader could have done. Goberchev initialized the ending of the Cold War, as he wanted to redirect the country’s resources from costly Cold War military commitments to more profitable areas in the civilian sector. He eventually did bring in a decision at the Malta Summit in 1989 but he failed to simultaneously bind the countries communist leaders together who were opposing his reforms and this triggered the division of USSR into fifteen different states.
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It was at this time Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin became the first democratically elected president of Russia in 1991 and two months later put down a rebellion attempt against Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Five days after that incident, Gorbachev effectively closed the Bolshevik era when he resigned as general secretary of the Communist Party and dissolved its Central Committee.

Prompting a democratic set up all by himself, Yeltsin almost immediately set about to negotiate the dismantling of the Soviet Union and its constituent republics ultimately ending the Soviet Union into what became the Commonwealth of Independent States.

He then set out to terminate the Cold War from its very roots and the world still remembers him for that invaluable contribution.

On his death NATO Secretary, General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer mentioned

Yeltsin was at the forefront of the effort to overcome the legacy of the Cold War. This historic effort to set aside the fears and stereotypes of the past in favour of cooperation in facing the challenges of the future … continues to this day.

Few deeds made him a saint and a few tarnished his image dubbing him as a demon to the extent that his fellowmen demanded his prosecution, which would have been a leeway, if his successor Putin, would not have given him immunity from prosecution.
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He infamously went atop the tank contradictorily of the way he did the first time in September 1993. At this instance he had his own men killed who were revolting against his reforms and had planned to depose him. This incident left more than a dozen dead and it was dubbed as the worst communal discord in Moscow since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

Yeltsin had the strange knack of drawing civic support even in the disparate circumstances and he gave an evidence of this aptitude at the time when he was defending himself for a second successive term as the President. The Chechen war is another such incident, which he swallowed sublimely.

At the time of the Chechen war, he was in the toughest dilemma of his life for he was not winning the war by any means, which brought the division of the once powerful Soviet Union into a critical limelight. The 73 year old communist alliance saw the communion go from strength to strength making them boastful about there enormous military strength, which was their contradictory nemesis in this war.
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Everything said and done he was a legend for only legends are critically scrutinized, he saw a vision, which he unfortunately could not could convert into a reality. He commendably overthrew the powerful communist regime and it took a man of his caliber to do so. He was a child at heart until he lived, who can forget his bops when he used to get high on Vodka at unanticipated settings.
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He had risen from the dust and touched the skies. A man who saw the whole of Russia as a family, meeting every Russian with the same gusto and when it came to making friends outside the nation; he will be remembered for creating an ambiance which none could match.

This is what Mr Mikhail Goberchev cited on Yeltsin’s demise :

A tragic fate . On [his] shoulders rest major events for the good of the country and serious mistakes.

This quote mentions that he made some somber gaffes but then legends who personify perfection are more remembered for their failings then their accomplishments.

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