Cameron Diaz bikini slip

In Cameron Diaz’ new film, she had to shoot a new scene where she runs while wearing a two piece bikini suit. She and her stylist had to ensure that it was put on in the correct way other wise the entire shoot would have turned out to be an embarrassing disaster for her.


The forty one year old stunning actress who stars along with Kate Upton and Leslie Mann had this scene in her upcoming film, “The Other Woman”.

She was quoted on saying that she had to ensure that the two piece bikini suit stayed in all the right places as things could have gotten very ugly if they had slipped, she had also said that this was one of those scenes where one would not want to end up with less then what they had started with.

She did have to show most of her body in the film and Diaz insists that she did not do any extra training to improve her figure and keep in shape just for the film.


She did not follow any specific work outs for the film and only stuck the normal training that she would do while filming and was actually in a lull. She trains because she focuses on taking care of her health and well being and she did not simply train so that she looks good in a bikini scene for the film.

Cameron Diaz stars in her latest film “The Other Woman” in which she has an affair with a married man, who is also dating other women at the same time. In this romantic comedy, the three women with whom he has an affair with, plot out their revenge on this man just to teach him a lesson. The two other women as played by Kate Upton and Leslie Mann.

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