Canal pollution tells Bangladeshi students what colors are in fashion in US, Europe

The Genda Government Primary School in Bangladesh has been facing serious canal pollution since last few months. Both teachers and students are falling sick as the disgusting odor floating throughout the school is highly noxious and suffocating. Teachers are finding it difficult to attend classes or focus on other academic tasks as a result of the choking atmosphere, while students are getting fainted due to dizziness or vertigo.

Wastewater from clothing factories is polluting nearby canal

According to the latest report, the horrible situation is a result of the pollution caused to the canal present at the backside of the school building.

There are a number of clothing factories as well as dying plants in the surrounding area. All these export garments to the U.S. and European continent. The waste water produced by various operations at these textile mills is released to the canal from time to time, which eventually contaminates its water. This is the reason behind the rise of the toxic smell.


Students can know about shades that are in-fashion

The incident is helping the students of the Genda Government Primary School know about the recent color trend in the international clothing market.

Tamanna Afrous, the English teacher of the school says that the color of the canal water changes every now and then. It can be red, blue, gray, or any other shade which is being used in the factories, she clarifies. In short, it is an opportunity for the students to develop an idea about what colors are in fashion in Europe and the United States.


Result of ignoring important regulations for long

The present situation is not the outcome of an overnight affair. Rather, it is the long-term effect of ignoring significant environmental rules and regulations.

Bangladesh has been considered as the second most important garment exporter in the world. There are several reasons, such as minimum wage, least safety measures, and so on for which the country has become a favorite clothing solution for leading organizations like H & M, Walmart, etc.

But at the same time, the country is ignoring expensive yet essential environmental laws, which is exposing the entire nation to serious risks and dangers. Water pollution has become the biggest crisis in vast region of the capital city Dhaka, and it is mainly due to the garment as well as textile industries of the country.

In such a circumstance, this canal pollution is worsening the condition by increasing the extent of environmental damage caused to Bangladesh.

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